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Complete D40 Guide
Errata Page

The following are the known errata for the initial version of the book, as of 1/29/2008.


Version 1.0.0

There appears to be a firmware bug in the D40 and D40x models. If you use the ML-L3 wireless remote, autofocus appears to be done only with the central autofocus sensor, even if you've selected one of the outlying ones.

References to the top LCD on pages 34, 107, 184, 238, 439, and 483 should reference the back LCD instead.

p. 94: "D40 and D40x very little energy" should be "D40 and D40x use very little energy."

p. 106: The link for the Panasonic formatter doesn't work if clicked (the URL is correct, just type it in manually).

p. 121: all the items in the table should be labeled MB, not mp (e.g. D40x Large Size is 4.8MB, not 4.8mp).

p. 246: The second sentence under ISO Sensitivity should be "The D40x allows user controllable ISO values form 100 to 1600."

p. 492: D40 and D40x are reversed in the last paragraph.

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