What Readers Think of
Thom Hogan's Complete Guide
to the Nikon D1, D1h, & D1x

Here's just a few of the comments I've received from people who've bought the book.


"I [bought the Complete D1 Guide] and I can truly say that it was worth every penny." --Birger Petterson

"I received the CD on Friday. It's FANTASTIC! I read it cover to cover yesterday and today and am now going back over the material again to get the nuances and insights. I've purchased books that cost 4 times as much and didn't have half the information packed into this little gem! Definitely a MUST-BUY for all D1 owners! Great job." --Preston Roberts

"You are an extraordinary writer and I appreciate the creativity and diligence you put into the D1 Handbook. The D1 is a powerful machine you’ve opened up its capabilities to many of us who don’t have the expertise or time to do the detective work you did. Thanks." -- Jim Petersen

"The book arrived a few days ago and is fantastic! Thanks." --Robert Burkhalter

"I'm enjoying your D1 guide CD-ROM. The information is clearly presented and has been very helpful." --Jerry Millspaugh

"I really found the eBook useful and I am sure there are a ton of people on the D1List that could benefit as well. I actually meant to drop you a note, thanking you for the great book, and the fast turn around on the order! The Depth of Field .xls is very cool too." -- Jason Goldberg

"Thom's book is worth every penny. Great job Thom!" -- Mike I.

"Received the eBook version of the D1 book yesterday - thank you very much. I have already printed (2-sided) and put into a small 3 ring binder. It hasn't left my side all day (my wife is getting jealous...). The photos and diagrams are great - makes it even easier to follow along. I've already started using Post-It notes to flag key sections. This is one book that definitely won't end up on the shelf (or CD-ROM case...). Thank you for also including the laminated White Balance Setting card - very handy and much appreciated." --Steve Sawtelle

"I was one of the lucky few that had a chance to review Thom's new book ( ebook ) on the D1 series, which includes the original D1, and the new D1x and D1h. As a new owner of a D1x, and having noted Nikon's manual's shortcomings for over 30 yrs., I was very impressed with Thom's in depth coverage of all the D1x's many options and features. Not new to digital imaging, but waited until this new D1x before I made the "digital jump" as far as an SLR and I really got a lot out of Thom's experience and in depth coverage of the Nikon's D1 series. I learned things about things that I thought I already knew, but I was confused, about a few items until I read Thom's expertise. His long computer experience really shows how thorough it is when covering all the aspects of the total digital experience when you merge computers and photography. Get this book!! If you spent that much on a camera body, then the price Thom's asking for this coverage is a total basement bargain. Heck, Nikon should start including this as a little bonus with every D1 camera sold!!" --Jim Cheal

"I also reviewed the book and found it extremely helpful. Having my D1 since April 2001 and a D1x for the past couple of weeks, I really appreciated Thom's insights. I read all of these posts regularly and try to gleen as much information as possible. Thom has encapsulated that and so much more in one very readable and informative book. With Thom's book, you don't need the manual." --John Grubmuller

"I can't second this endorsement enough. I also reviewed Thom's book. This is a must have reference for any D1, D1h,or D1x owner and it is not a rehash of the Nikon manual! The book is well written with both practical and theoretical aspects of digital photography." --Bobby Korn

"Book arrived yesterday...obviously haven't read it completely yet, but what I have looks great. Very informative and complete. Nice format. I'm pleased. Thanks!!" --Ken Ginsburg, MD

"It's an excellent guide to the D1X, and very up to date. I highly recommend it!" --anonymous

"I have already recommended your CD to two friends with D1 series cameras." -- Ken Neil

"I just finished reading the Guide. You've successfully imparted about 321% more knowledge about my D1X than I had anticipated, and I'm experiencing mental indigestion. Even so, I am truly impressed with the book!" --Matthew Williamson

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