Thom Hogan's
Complete Guide to the Nikon D2x & D2xs

This eBook is the definitive D2x and D2xs instruction guide, now in its Second Edition.

Now in the second edition and weighing in at 830 pages, this eBook covers virtually everything there is to know about the D2x and D2xs, with a full description of all the camera features, the WT-1/WT-2 wireless accessory, the firmware and hardware update changes, and lots of useful tips and background information. This work goes well beyond the manual in almost every way, plus it's better organized and easier to understand, two very important things to consider when tackling a tool as complex as the D2x and D2xs.

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  • Nikon flash and autofocus modes explained in plain English! Wonder how the new I-TTL flash works or how it is different than the D-TTL you'll get if you use an older Nikon flash on the D2x or D2xs? Can't figure out Dynamic autofocus, Release Priority, Focus Priority, Closest Focus Priority, Group autofocus, Focus Lock-on, and a host of other terms Nikon uses to describe features of the focusing system? Thom Hogan's Complete Guide to the Nikon D2x and D2xs explains these terms and accompanying techniques in the same simple, no-nonsense language that made his Nikon Field Guide a best seller. The appropriate D2x series instructions for the SB-28DX, SB-29, SB-50DX, SB-80DX, SB-600, and SB-800 are all here in this eBook. Why you need the eBook: Did you know that the D2x series sometimes reverts to D-TTL even with an SB-600 or SB-800 mounted (and it doesn't tell you about it)? Yep, there are settings that cause the D2x and D2xs to act differently with flash, and you should know about them.
  • A complete instruction manual and an introduction to relevant digital issues in one book. Thom Hogan's Complete Guide to the Nikon D2x and D2xs manages to not only fully describe every feature of the original and updated D2x plus the D2xs in clear, easy-to-understand language, but gives you rich, technical background for many of the critical issues that confront digital camera users. Nikon PictureProject, Nikon View, Nikon Capture, and Nikon Capture NX are all covered in this eBook. Why you need the eBook: Encryption of the white balance data has changed Nikon NEF workflow for many. You need to know how to handle that change. Capture NX is useful and powerful, but needs explanation for most people.
  • Find out how to configure the WT-1 or WT-2. Full WT-1/WT-2 instructions for both Mac and PC users are here in, and in Thom's usual manner, he'll lead you step-by-step through the lengthy setup process and describe what it is you're doing and why. Why you need the eBook: The simplest form of set-up for the WT-2 takes me 33 steps to describe. It's unlikely that you'll just slap a WT-2 onto the bottom of your D2x or D2xs and immediately start popping images wirelessly to your computer. And if you've never set up an 802.11-based wireless network, you've got a lot of configuration you need to wade through at both ends of the connection. I'll step you through it.
  • Four banks of Custom Setting recommendations! Thom goes beyond his usual recommendations and shows you exactly how his D2x and D2xs are set up. Why you need the eBook: four banks of shooting menus and four banks of custom settings makes for a lot of button pressing (especially if you have to restore settings after a reset or other large change; but there's a shortcut you'll learn about in this eBook, plus you'll learn how to save and reload your settings).
  • Includes useful Photoshop Actions and Depth of Field spreadsheet. On the disc is Thom's Excel spreadsheet, which allows you to calculate depth of field and hyperfocal distance for any Nikon lens used with the D2x or D2xs (note that depth of field on a digital body like the D2x or D2xs is not the same as it is for 35mm film). But that's not all! You'll also get Excel workbooks for macro and flash (know how to calculate the GN of multiple flashes or the effective GN when bouncing? You will if buy this book!). More important, the D2x series has diffraction limitationsn you need to know about. Why you need the eBook: how do you calculate DOF for the Hi-speed crop option? This eBook will tell you and give you the tools to do so. Need the highest acuity in your images? This eBook tells you what you'll need to use aperture-wise to achieve that.
  • All the new features are covered. GPS connections, multiple exposures, overlays, hi-speed crop, and more. The D2x and D2xs are complex cameras, and this eBook gets into every nook and cranny with information about what, how, and most importantly: why. Why you need the eBook: Nikon's 264 page manual for the D2x is more complete than previous manuals they've produced, but boy are there still a lot of subtle gotchas lurking that aren't explained. Did you catch that using M-Up frame advance actually acts as a 30-second self-timer? (Yes, the camera takes a picture automatically if you use this function and don't press the shutter release within a half minute.) Believe me, there's a lot more like that lurking behind every nook and cranny of the D2x and D2xs. And there are a lot of nooks and crannies.

What others said about the first edition of this eBook:

"Informative, clear, thought provoking, and enjoyable to read." --Mac Bradford

"Not only answers every question I've had about the D2X, but reveals things I did not even know existed." --Mike Palumbo

"You had me up all night...I love the book." --John Holmes

"I learned more in one hour with it than I have in four months using the instruction manual. It's more than paid for itself already in time saved in understanding key camera settings for me. The other included items on the CD are a great bonus. No D2x owner should be without this book." --Robert Despres

"One of the best technical books I have ever purchased." --Alessandro Tento

~830 pages, eBook (Macintosh and Windows CD-ROM supplied; uses Acrobat Reader).
All orders: $29.95 plus $6.95 shipping and handling.
Published by byThom Press.

This eBook is mailed to you in CD-ROM form (Priority Mail in the US, airmail outside the US), and is in Adobe Acrobat format (requires free Acrobat Reader 6.x). The eBook is cross referenced with full bookmarks for the complete Table of Contents. You may print a copy of the eBook for your own personal use (instructions included).

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