Messages for Nikon Japan

Nikon users offer condolences and thoughts on the recent quake

Original: 3/16/2011
Last Updated: 3/22/2011

Many of my site readers have asked for a way to express their sympathy and thoughts to Nikon after the recent quake and tsunami. What I've decided to do (thank's for the suggestion Paul) is to put a page on my site on which I'll post your messages. Simply send me an email with the text you wish posted, and each day I'll add those toughts to the page. Negative, off-topic, or hate messages will not be posted--I'll be moderating this page so that it stays on target to its purpose.

The thing I like about this idea is that not only will I make sure that those I know at Nikon see it, but you'll see it, too. Nikon has many friends around the world, and it will be good for all of us to hear their thoughts.

If you're trying to figure out what you've read or haven't read, things are in chronological order from when I received them. The horizontal bars separate out different days.


Dear Nikon friends: Because I have had immense pleasure and satisfaction from being a user of many of the products made by your minds and hands, I feel a little closer to your staff and to your company at this terribly difficult time for your Japan  and its people. Because I know of the place, your staff in Sendai are particularly on my heart, although I imagine that you have many other people and places to care for at this time. Please accept this expression of my sincere condolences for all who have lost friends and family, my best wishes to those who are injured or suffering difficulties and my hope for a rapid return to normal life.  You are in our prayers, particularly that you will keep the courage, strength and caring atitudes that your people have demonstrated so wonderfully at this time. God bless your efforts to recover and rebuild. Very sincerely, [pg]

Cari amici, vi sono vicino e vi penso in questo momento difficile. Avete fatto tanto per me e adesso io posso solo pensarvi e pregare per voi [mp]

To All Those Affected by the  Earthquake and Tsunami. While I enjoy and use Nikon products, it is to the Japanese people that my heart goes out to. I live and work in a coastal region of New England.  I have worked on boats for hire and have experienced the raw power of unforecast weather events.  What I have seen is paled when compared to what you all are experiencing today. My prayers go out to all at Nikon and the Japanese people today. May your recovery be swift And your loses minimal. [rp]

To the entire Nikon clan, every time the thought crosses my mind, I chide myself for being self-centered. But it keeps coming again and again- what Nikon is and stands for has been a part of my life for many years now, and it now seems so brittle. While the story of this earthquake is very far from being concluded, and while lives weigh much more than livelihood, I would like to take the optimist's view and look into a possible, and better, future. I hope and believe you will come out of this, both as a company and personally as people, and rebuild. As Japanese, you can and should take pride in your ability to recover, to put troubles behind you and look back at the past from higher peaks. I don't dare to imagine what life for most (if not all) of you looks and feels like right now. But I urge you all to take a few moments, whenever possible, and look forward into that brighter day, and find the courage to work to achieve it. Yes, despite the losses. Despite the loss of property and security. Despite physical hurt and danger. Even despite the greatest loss of all, the loss of a friend or a family member. All of these take time to recover from, and some never completely heal. But one can always dream of, and strive for, a better tomorrow. I wish you all a better tomorrow, and may it come sooner rather than later. [lk]

Dear Japanese people of Nikon: A Nikon microscope helped me learn about many new things in medical school and directed me to a career in infectious diseases. Nikon binoculars and a Nikon fieldscope bring nature, especially birds, into a view so clear and close providing endless hours of enjoyment. Most of all Nikon cameras and lenses have increased my awareness of the world we live in and allowed me to relive those experiences over and over through pictures. The terrible and tragic suffering brought to the Japanese people by changes in the surface of our earth are hard to imagine for any of us in far away places. Nevertheless, the bond to those people who made the optics that have been a large part of my life exists and is strong. Your courage is admired and I know that I am only one of the millions of people around the world who will support you. You have many friends! Sincerely, [hbh]

Nikon. "We Take the World's Greatest Pictures." I've always loved, respected, and believed that line, and felt honored to shoot Nikon cameras from 1978 until now. I recently read Michael Wescott Loder's book "The Nikon Camera in America, 1946-1953," and was truly impressed by the near-heartbreaking trials and tribulations Nikon overcame to design, perfect, and market its early cameras and lenses -- equipment that ultimately helped to redefine photography. The recent disaster in Japan will once again test Nikon's resiliency. I have no doubt whatsoever that the people of Japan and Nikon will overcome the enormous difficulties facing them. [mk]

During these horrific times experienced by the entire Japanese population,I understand that mere words of sympathy from me are useless,yet I offer them none the less.The American expression ,"The check is in the mail", will be my mantra each and every week until Japan has fully recovered from this devastating disaster. The strength, intelligence, compassion, and fortitude of the Japanese  people will see you through,and in the end ,make you stronger than before! Nikon....I have been a user and lover of you're products for over 30 years....and will continue to be a lover and user until the day that I die.....幸運 [mc]

Dear Nikon Staff, I am a French enthusiast who is using Nikon SLR /DSLR since 1986. Sorry for my poor English. Your products set a benchmark of quality, technology and progress which makes Nikon a brand I have a lot of respect for. Your relentless effort of improving, refining, bettering your products is very Japanese, that is why Japan as a whole can be proud of a company such as yours. Now, the country is going through an unprecented crisis of an unfathomable magnitude. I am very concerned with the current situation. In my heart, your grief is my grief, your sufferings are my sufferings, your hopes are my hopes. May the Almighty bless the deads, the wounded, and those in pain. I have ultimate faith the Japanese people, through their hard work and with their ingeniosity, will overcome and rebuilt. [vc]

The disaster which hit Japan and Sendai in particular brought up the best in many people all over the world. A distant place suddenly became so familiar to all of us, pain, anguish and uncertainty for the future became part of our lives, too. I can only say to the Japanese people that you have my sympathy. And you have earned my admiration. For being able to cope with disaster in a way very few nations would. With dignity, discipline and courage. Which makes a great nation. As for Nikon, I have been using the products you make in your Sendai and Tochigi plants for many years so it is only natural that I feel specially close to you. I was happy to hear there were no life losses in members of the Nikon family. From distant Greece, my most sincere, cordial wishes for a quick return back to normal. Till then, just do what you do best. Be Japanese and set an example to the rest of us, as you have done till now. [gr]

Dear Friends at Nikon, I can't help but think of all the people at Nikon each day as I look on the internet at images of Sendai and other parts of Japan. In those images I see unspeakable loss and sorrow, but also many examples of a people already adapting, coping and beginning to recover from last week's disaster. I see many images of heroism and strength. My thoughts, prayers and wishes go out to all the people at Nikon, and also to all of Japan. I know your country well, having spent a lot of time in Tokyo over the past 20 years. I know that the Japanese people are strong and despite the great difficulties ahead, will be successful in rebuilding. [sn]

Sometimes the ever increasing numbers associated with a disaster become the story - mainly led by the media - the number of deaths, the number of injuries, the number of homes destroyed, the number of homeless, the magnitude of the earthquake, the height of the tsunami. In so doing - we risk forgetting that every single home lost is a tragedy for that family - every injury has a personal story - every life lost brings almost unbearable sadness for the loved ones, family, friends and colleagues of the deceased. We must never forget that it is not about numbers - it is about people!! My thoughts are with the people of Japan as they confront the enormity and the horror of this event. [be/re]

Dear Nikon Family: Please accept my sincere condolences for all the affected people in your family whether they be in Sendai or in other parts of Japan.  I hope the best for your family and hope the recovery will be strong and long lasting.
Sincerely, [rg]

To the Japanese people and the Nikon family, My heart, and hearts around the world, break for you. While we are trying to get our mind around these events, we understand you are living through them and we mourn with you. I hope and wish that you find new strength in your communities and in your people as you work together to mourn, heal, hope again and rebuild. [eb]

To our Nikon Family, It is with great sadness and sorrow I feel compelled to write this note.  Words cannot express our own grief and despair, and feeling of helplessness, in the tragedy that stuck Japan on March 11, 2011.  I know no one, other than Nikon, in Japan.  I have been a loyal Nikon photographer since 1966.  Please tell your fellow employees and their families we, Americans, are praying for you.  Rest assured we will support you and your people in your time of need.  God bless. [rl]

Dear Nikon Friends, Words cannot adequately express my feelings of sorrow for the terrible tragedies Nikon personnel and the people of Japan are suffering. I have immense respect for the people of Japan and that respect is further enhanced as I see news reports of people conducting themselves with dignity and respect during these times of extreme crisis. It is my deepest wish that Nikon corporate, Nikon's employees and all the people of Japan obtain the assistance and healing that is so desperately needed. I remain a loyal member of the Nikon family, [ms]

Hello, I don't shed tears, but having been to Japan two years ago and met the people of Japan. My eyes water again as I write this. I feel for you. [d]

Dear Nikon Friends, My heart is breaking with each image I see and each story I read about what has happened in your land. I am praying that you receive the help and support that you need as soon as is humanly possible (and I am backing up that prayer with monetary support to the Japanese Red Cross as Thom suggests). Although you surely have many other priorities right now, I want you to know that the efforts of your craftsmen through your products have enriched the life of my family for over 40 years. I have always felt a special pride in using your cameras and lenses. I am also awed by the order and resolve the Japanese people have shown in the face of this crisis, and I am sure that these traits will help support you in the difficult times ahead. God bless you, [ac]

Dear Employees of Nikon, You have the best wishes and prayers for many of us here in New York. I've been a fan for years now, and it saddens me to see something like this happen. Take the time to rebuild, and come back better than every. Yours truly [jk]

My thoughts are with the people of Japan over this momentous disaster that is nothing short of a massive tragedy. As a user of Nikon for over 40 years I feel that I would especially like to express condolences and support to Nikon and its employees for the loss they have experienced of loved ones and property. I hope and pray for a speedy resolution to the ongoing crisis. [cf]

Just wanted to say thank you for your creativity, innovation and support of the art of image making. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the people of Japan as you recover from these terrible events. Blessings upon you and your families! [jh]

Dear Nikon friends, for decades you have worked to produce world class product, allowing generations of pro photographers earning a living using your excellent and hardy equipment. I am one of those who merely derives joy and fulfillment using your superb equipment to produce images. For years now, you have challenged me to produce photos which do justice to the fine Nikon equipment I use capture my images. I know I have a long road ahead of me still. Thank you for challenging me and enriching my life. Thank you very much. You and your fellow men and women are now facing challenges that are impossible for me to truly imagine or to fully comprehend, as nothing I had to endure in my life is remotely comparable. You know for a while, and it is slowly dawning on us here, that a road back to normalcy will be very slow and very hard. I am enormously impressed by the civility and manners and discipline which is so apparent when watching television here. Few individuals and few nations could match you in this and you should feel enormous pride in that. I hope that this national strength will help you endure what seems as unendurable  and that you will rebuild Japan to be again a vibrant, successful nation and that all of you will share the joy and benefits of it all and that you come out of it stronger and even better people. The whole world is watching you, admiring your resilience and discipline and everybody wishes you the best. Let me add my voice to that. [pm]

Dear Nikon and all people in Japan. Even though I cannot move mountains, stop tsunamis, or shut down nuclear reactors safely by my thoughts alone, I sincerely hope that it gives some encouragement to people in distress when they know that others care. You shall overcome ... [ee]

Dear Nikon friends, It is easy for the rest of the world to be humbled and sorrowful at the tragedy that is unfolding in your homes. The video and photos that have made their way out of this tragedy have been among the most powerful I have ever seen and because of this I feel closer to this event than other global disasters. What I feel most impacted by is the realization of the importance of photography. While it remains just an enjoyable hobby for me, the photographs and video that have been shared have show the rest of the world the extent of the crisis. The role that these images have played cannot be overstated; statistical numbers of damage and death have no intrinsic value to anyone, but a single photograph can tell an entire story. The work that you do is important and that importance is not lost on the rest of the world. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Be safe; be strong; be courageous. [jr]

To our friends and their families at Nikon (as well as all others):  Please accept our prayers and thoughts as you continue to deal with the effects from this horrible tragedy.  My wife grew up in Japan until she was 12 years old, and has a deep connection with the Japanese people.  As a long-time Nikon owner, we have taken many photographic trips and have had the distinct pleasure of meeting many Japanese who also were touring.  We consider ourselves to be part of the extended Nikon family, and as part of that family, we share the loss and understand the fear of what still lies ahead (we live near Three Mile Island and lived through that experience).  While the situation there is far worse than we can imagine, please know that you are on our minds constantly, and that we pray for a safe recovery and future for the entire nation.  [kdc]

Dear Nikon: I wanted to take a few moments to express my deep and sincere sympathy for the pain and suffering that has fallen on Japan since the horrendous 9.0 earthquake and ensuing tsunami that has caused deep human suffering and whose impact continues to be felt and will be felt for many years. My wife is Japanese from Yokohama and I have had the good fortune to have visited Japan numerous times and learned to deeply appreciate your country, people, and culture. My wife is an active member of a north Texas Japanese community and Church headed by a Pastor from Japan. We are active in providing as much assistance as possible in the form of cash donations to target the communities in need. As a long time Nikon user since the 60's I feel a very close kinship with Nikon. Therefore I also wanted to express my sincere sympathy to all of the employees of Nikon in Japan and to express my condolences for your losses and suffering and to let you know you are in our thoughts and prayers. From North Texas USA, [or]

Every time I pick up my D700 I think of the terrible disaster in northern Japan. What must the people, who once helped put my camera together, be going through right now. I don't know them and I've never even been to Japan but my thoughts are with all Nikon employees and their families at this most difficult time. [gs]


To the staff at Nikon: My heart and prayers go out to you and your families as this is not an isolated incident, but a national tragedy. Nikon has been the leader down through the years. I started in SLR photography with an FE2 and a few lenses. Nikon has always been synonemus with quality and trust and your people certainly have shown trust and faith on our news broadcasts. My hope is you will never loose sight and strength but you continue and you teach the younger employees what it means to love their country first, then family, then their life's work. Suze Orman states, "Peple first, then money then things" This is a time for people first. The United States champions friendship with you and stands by your side in this time of grief. [bc]

Dear Nikon Corporation, employees and families, I have been using your fine cameras and lenses since 1965 and not once experienced the slightest problem with any of them, despite frequent use and, at times, abuse. The F2 and Nikkormat remain my favorite film cameras, performing perfectly today alongside several of your superb digital units. Your commitment to product excellence is an inspiration to the rest of us working in other fields while the pleasure obtained from using such products cannot be overstated. Many of us also understand the central role played by Nikon in providing the precision equipment used in the fabrication of integrated circuits which are the foundation of modern electronics technology. The lenses in my eye-glasses are Nikon. We see Nikon microscopes and other instrumentation in our hospitals and laboratories.  Wherever we are, our lives are touched and made better by Nikon. This great disaster and its aftermath your country now faces dominate our waking hours. We will be seeking out and supporting ways to help. Our sympathies and thoughts are not only with Nikon, its employees and their families but with all the Japanese people. Sincerely, [gk]

In your hardest time
we watch from lands afar
and pray for Nippon [rl]

Dear Nikon: You've been with me for more than 25 years of my life, and have helped shape both the course of my studies and career, and my discovery of the sheer joy of photography. I wish you and all the people of Japan all the strength and courage needed to get through this terrible tragedy. Best wishes, [ra]

Dear Nikon Employees. I became a Nikon enthusiast in 1972 and finally saved enough to purchase my Nikon camera and three lenses in 1978.  I have saved Nikon catalogs and brochures, reviews of Nikon equipment, and a large book about Nikon’s history and equipment.  I treasure Nikon’s employees for their creativity, excellence, and hard work.  One of my best friends is Japanese and I have known him and his family since 1960.  One of my roommates in college is Japanese who enriched my life.  One of my sisters-in-law is Japanese and I love her dearly.  I cannot begin to imagine what you have experienced and will yet experience.  When I saw the snow falling in northern Japan on yesterday’s news I began to cry.  My wife and I have withdrawn money from our emergency savings and will donate that money to humanitarian relief in Japan.  We pray for you each day. [tc]

I am actually addressing this email to four Japanese companies that I sincerely respect, Narashige, Nikon, Olympus and Yashicha (listed in alphabetical order). I have used optics, cameras and equipment from these companies since I was about 12 years old (I am now in my fifties). As a child, I learned about photography using a Yashicha 44 twin lens reflex camera. I continued my photography as a hobby and in the laboratory with single lens reflex cameras from both Nikon and Olympus. As a biomedical researcher, I extensively used both Nikon and Olympus microscopes as well as just about every micromanipulator and electrode puller that Narashige ever made. I have always been astonished by the quality of all of these products, and I genuinely enjoyed using them. Since I have left biomedical research, I have spent more of my time with photography. For digital photography, I am using Olympus DSLRs and lenses, though I still use some old Nikkor lenses on my Olympus cameras with adapters. I still shoot some film from time to time and have recently put my old Nikon FM2n and my father's Yashica Mat 124G back into use. I am also in the process of restoring the old Yashica 44 that I used as a child. The quality of all of these cameras still impresses me. I have lived through a few hurricanes, so I have some appreciation of how disruptive natural disasters can be, though Japan is now facing much greater adversity. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Sincerely, [dl]

A Message of Support for Nikon Japan: The D700 is the finest camera I have ever used (and I have owned a lot of cameras, many of which have been Nikons). My D700 has performed flawlessly for over 10,000 images. I have immense respect for the people who made my camera and all the other Nikon gear I own and use regularly. Each day I think of the people of Japan and hope for better days for them soon. When I pick up my camera, I think especially of the people of Nikon and wish them the best in these unprecedented and trying times. [jg]

I am at a loss for words.  All that remains are tears for the dear people of Japan.  But, if there is a country and a culture that can rebuild, this one can.  My prayers and thoughts are with you. [br]

Dear Nikon, I have been using Nikon cameras and lenses for twenty years or so and have oft-times marvelled at the joy they have brought both myself and others. I was deeply saddened to hear of the terrible earthquake, tsunami, and other consequences in Japan in the last few days. I hope that all Nikon staff, their families, and the people of the affected prefectures are as safe as possible now and in the future. I also hope that Nikon, their staff and families, and all of Japan can return to happiness, peace, and safety as soon as possible. [mw]

Dear Nikon and japanese people, many of friends here are joining me to give you an encouraging message in this very difficult and hard times : you have proven in the past your physical and moral courage in similar situations. Your cool keeping attitude is absolutely admirable and without doubt, a dominant characteristic of people of Japan. You will overcome this new face of adversity, although the way isn't easy of course, but you will get over ! The fastest way will be the best and we hope a new long lasting situation too. We are thinking of you and your family and every day we use our Nikon DSLRs, many of us are using Nikon products since middle of 70', we also understand the huge process you have to organize to deliver the fantastic products which are then sent to us, from Sendai in particular. We wish a successful rebuilding of Japan, you're not alone.. [mm].

Dear Nikon: I know you are going thru some very tough times dealing with this disaster. I am currently battling prostate cancer. Whenever I need to do something to feel better, I grab my D3s and go shooting and share the results with my friends. You can't imagine how much photography has helped me get through my tough times. I am here to support the Nikon Japan family. [lkh]

We are watching the news out of the area apprehensively and hoping for the best for all Nikon employees, their families and neighbors and the people of Japan. Our sympathies and best wishes go out to you. [kb]


Not only have my Nikon camera and lenses have brought me immeasurable pleasure over the years, but I have visited Japan many times and found the Japanese people to unfailingly courteous, charming and hospitable. To see both a company I admire deeply and a country I love in such awful circumstances brings me genuine pain. I extend my most profound sympathies and hopes for swift recovery to everyone at Nikon and everyone in Japan. [wt]

In our global society, as Japan is suffering, the rest of the world is feeling it too. The massive devastation and severe pain of the Japanese people is focused at the epicenter of the earthquake and throughout Japan. But this pain is also felt around the world like the rippling effects of the tsunami. While I may never completely understand what it is like to experience horrible suffering like this, I do hope and pray for relief to come quickly to all the families impacted by this tragedy. And as Thom has suggested, I hope we all take advantage of opportunities to provide whatever assistance we can to the relief organizations that will do the most good. [rc]

I still remember, as a teenager, an ad in one of the photographic magazines of the time for the then new Nikon F2.  It was a plain shot of the camera with the following text underneath: 'Your Someday Will Come'. And came it did in 1972 when I acquired my first two Nikon F2 Photomic bodies (one was subsequently upgraded to the F2AS).  Those two same bodies, much bruised and battered, are still in my camera case thirty nine years later and still functioning like nary a day had passed since they exited the production line at the Nikon plant. I expected nothing less of the products that proudly bear the Nikon name.  And now, in this hour of need and of desperation and loss I sincerely hope that the spirit of ruggedness and utter dependability that is built into those F2 cameras will help you on the long road towards recovery.  My prayers are with you all. [ak]

My dear friends, you don’t know me personally but I’ve proudly used your products for the last 40 years. It breaks my heart to see the destruction of your beautiful country. What can I say? Please keep up hope and whatever may be, I’m sure you will bounce back. [rz]

To the wonderful People of Japan, I have read so many comments from Americans who have visited your country. My sister travels the world and often visits your country, her very favorite destination. Everyone speaks of your very polite and kind customs. It is so refreshingly pleasant to those of us who live in a different culture. Please know that many Americans admire your wonderful attitudes and very kind ways. Our family lost a coastal home to a hurricane here in America. Though it was very hard when it happened, life did regain its balance in time. These difficult days are surely challenging to you and the loss of so many is simply heartbreaking. I have been moved to tears more than once while watching videos of the events as they unfold daily. All of Japan is held in the hearts of Americans everywhere. We wish for you a quick and complete recovery. [jh]

Dear Japanese people, it is with great sorrow I pen this short letter to let you know how sorry I am to see a great people, culture and country devastated by this disaster. I wish the people of Japan speed in recovering from this unthinkable event.  With deepest sympathy [ck]


Nikon. "We Take the World's Greatest Pictures." We all love this line. We saw pictures taken in Korea and Vietnam wars, taken by many reputable photographers at that time using Nikon cameras. We saw great pictures in newspapers, but we didn't forget that the blood behind every picture that we saw. That was a few decades ago. Now we see thousands of pictures taken during earthquake and tsunami. I'm sure many of them were taken bravely by those using Nikon cameras, too. They took the pictures in tears, but the trustworthy Nikon cameras faithfully do their job perfectly, taking every picture in an unfailing manner, even in the most challenging situation. Again, we will never forget that behind every great picture taken in last week, thousands of lives are at stake. All people in Japan are in my prayers. You are a brave nation, and you shall overcome. With deepest sympathy... from Hong Kong. [wl]

To the proud people of Nikon, Japan: With a heavy heart I offer sympathy for the loss of life and injuries suffered during the recent ongoing disaster. I wish you encouragement and good luck in getting your lives and families back to normal. A grateful Nikon owner [tr]

In the short time that I have owned my small kit of d7000 and 2 primes, your products have brought me great joy. You are all very special people and everyone at Nikon is part of the process making such unique products. It is deeply saddening and truly heartbreaking to hear that your lives and the lives of those close to you are in peril and that you face such immense family, financial and personal losses. From what I have seen so far you are resilient people and the stories of coming together are truly touching. I wish to express both my gratitude to Nikon and my best of wishes to the Japanese people who will overcome their challenges and face a brighter tomorrow. [cw]

Dear Nikon and Japanese people, Please accept my condolences for the tragedy which has befallen you and also my best wishes for a timely recovery. Your cameras have propelled me toward a mid-life career change which both challenges me and gives me great personal satisfaction, so the news, photos, and videos coming out of Japan carry extra poignancy for me. Yours is a resolute and determined spirit; I have no doubt that you will all emerge from this better and stronger. I'm proud to claim a small connection to Nikon and her employees. Warmest regards, [kw]

My relationship with Nikon began in 1971 with the purchase of a used 1969 Nikon F.  Over the years I acquired, and still have, 5 film bodies, 3 digital bodies, and a digital point & shoot.  I use about 6-7 lenses regularly, including the 50mm f1.4 lens that came with my original Nikon F, now converted to AI it sees usage on my digital cameras.  All the SLR lenses I have are Nikkors, except one.  I am a loyal fan.  Until I saw this page I thought mostly about Nikon as a thing I use & enjoy.. something that helps define me as a photographer.. My images win praises, and by extension so do I and the equipment that helps me capture the image.  Without much thought I realized there are people behind each step of the products I enjoy so much and are so much a part of me and my identity.  We have all suffered an extreme loss in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami. In those horrible numbers that escalate every day we are losing part of ourselves bit by bit. My extreme sympathies & condolences go out to everyone in Japan who have brought me so much for so long. [bg]

3/22 and 3/23

I would like to express my deepest sympathy to all Nikon employees who have had their lives impacted by the earthquake, the tsunami and consequently the nuclear power plant catastrophe. As a Nikon photographer for decades I am thinking of our camera-making friends and wishing them all the very best in this tragic situation. Take your time for full physical and mental recovery from this human tragedy. No matter how long it may take to restore production at the affected facilities I will gladly wait for new cameras and lenses labeled "Made in Japan". My sincerest best wishes to all of you along with my hopes for a brighter future for you all. [AB]

I am a Nikon user since 1975 and a geographer. Pictures of northern Japan illustrate the power of our natural world. I send all my warmest and kindest thoughts to all those affected. I will still be a Nikon supporter after you have been able to recover from these dark days - even if it is a long time. [pn]

The world can't live without Japan, I'm sure you all know this and we wait for you to recover.
My condolence to all the people who lost their loved ones. [ta]

Dear Nikon, and to all residents of Japan, Myriad fellow Americans, my family, and I are with you through this trying time.  We are devoting time in prayer for you, and giving of our resources in the hope of your speedy restoration of what can be restored.  We are so deeply saddened at your tremendous loss, and pray that God will be a real comfort to each of you. [tah]

My deepest sympathy to the employees of Nikon for their losses, and to Nikon, a great and honorable company. [tk]

Not only has Minnesota felt the influence of Japan in our Photography community, but there has been a long and respected Japanese influence in our Ceramics community. I have heard that there has been damage to some historic kilns in the Mashiko area. So, my thoughts, prayers and condolences go out to the extended Nikon family as well as to our extended clay family in Japan, and to all of the Japanese people in these trying times.... [jlh]

To the people of Nikon, of Sendai and Japan, It is but a very little gesture, but I  know there are tens of thousands of Australians like me who are thinking and praying for the people of Japan through this period of appalling tragedy that you are suffering. To your people can I say go well, we are all sharing in your grief through this period. Sincerely [ta]

My first visit to Japan was in 1969 where I purchased my first Nikon and lens. I still have my Nikon F, Ftn, F3 and F5; all are still in perfect working condition! As you see Nikon has been a huge part of my life and still continues. But, my reflections of Japan are far greater, for I found the people to be caring, incredibly industrious, meticulous, neat and orderly beyond compare, and they left me with life long feelings of admiration and loyalty. But, to see the devastation that you have suffered and will endure for a lifetime is heartbreaking. Yet, already we see signs of people struggling to get back on their feet. In your tragedy and coping, you are setting an example for the rest of the world. In your weakness you show us strength. God's blessings from Canada. [gp]

Though an Autumn poem, Basho wrote (Robert Haas trans.): sickly/ but somehow the chrysanthemum/ is budding.  We in the community at large, Nikon and beyond, send our hopes, prayers, respect, and sympathies to the people of Japan.     [gg]

I was saddened this morning to learn of the loss of your colleague. I hope the three who are still counted as missing will turn up soon, alive and well. Our thoughts are with you throughout this terrible tragedy. [co]

Needless to say that my heart goes out for those affected by triple disaster in Japan.  I want to express my deepest sympathy to those who managed to survive and condolences to many of those who lost loved once.  However there is group of people who I want to express my endless appreciation.  Almost 25 years ago firefighter were the first to respond to fire at Chernobyl.  They had no idea what they are dealing with nor they knew that they exposed to enormous levels or radiation.  Only couple hours later when first signs of exposure became obvious they understood that this is their last firefight.  And yet no one left – they fought while they could stand.  I believe, World owes them that disaster in Chernobyl was not worth then it was.  On very same note IMHO World owes to Japanese workers that KNOWINGLY battle day in and day out in order to avert disaster that might be so futile that everything else might pale in comparison.  Every moment they might be at no return point, and yet – they are there.  I’m sure their determination will prevail. And I cannot find enough words to express my gratitude. [ap]

Rising waters flood
Man's hope and love are flotsam
Land of rising sun. [eb]














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