Nikon Field Guide
A Photographer's Portable Reference

This fact-filled book is now in its 2nd edition, and was one of the best selling photography titles on Amazon. If you own a F60/N60, F70/N70, F90x/N90s, F4, F5, F100, or FM2, this book should be in your camera bag. And even if you've got a different Nikon body, you'll still want this book for its wealth of useful exposure, filter, lens, flash, macro, and other information. Unfortunately, this book is currently out of print. A third edition is being worked on.


Purchasing Nikon Field Guide via the link at the right nets author Thom Hogan a few percent more on each sale and helps pay for maintaining this Web site. Nikon Field Guide is also available at most bookstores and photo shops. Make sure you get the 2nd Edition!



Temporarily o ut of Print, though Amazon sometimes has used copies.

The Nikon Field Guide contains all the information you need for getting professional results with your Nikon equipment.
This smart, all-inclusive reference is packed with instructions, advice, and data for making the best use of Nikon gear...especially in the field.

288 pages, paperback. $19.95. Published by Silver Pixel Press.

Status: Currently out of print.

Here's what others have to say about Nikon Field Guide:

"Very nice job on the book. Mine now lives in a Ziplock permanently stationed in my camera bag, replacing a heavyweight sheaf of dog-eared Nikon incomprehensia." --James Babb, Editor, Gray's Sporting Journal

"After reading Nikon Field Guide, I think Thom Hogan should be hired to write all Nikon manuals." --Ted Laszlo

"I love your Nikon Field Guide. It's almost in shreds due to my continued reference to it."

"The Nikon Field Guide, written by Thom Hogan. I never leave home without it." --William Cassing

"Well written, up to date, and informative, it offers a great deal of information for novices as well as seasoned pros!" --Owen Evans

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