Nikon Field Guide
A Photographer's Portable Reference

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The Table of Contents below reflects the 2nd Edition.


Table of Contents:


Shooting Tips

Pre-shoot checklist, Warm-up Times for Cold Film, Self-Assignment Ideas for the Field, Keeping Steady, Posing, Exposure Rules of Thumb, Sunny 16 Rule, Sunset Exposures, Snow Exposures, Underwater Exposures, Aerial View Exposures, Simple Color Zone System, Reciprocity Effects, Night Exposures, Auto Lights, Stars and Comets, Lightning Exposures, Exposure Compensation methods, ISO values, shutter speeds, f/stops.
Nikon filters, filter factors, color compensating filters (fluorescent, mercury vapor), color correction filters (color temperatures and compensation, color temperatures of various light sources), MIRED values for filters, filters for black and white film, filters to carry (polarizer, ND, graduated, warming, soft-focus, skylight/UV), ways to reduce contrast, ways to increase contrast, ways to reduce haze, ways to reduce flare.
Unusual Subjects and Special Effects
Aerial perspective, dew, stopping action, panning with action, enhancing the appearance of movement, shooting sports, what to get right, photographing TVs and computer monitors, soft focus, cross processing, infrared.
Photographing Outdoors
Tips on photographing animals (attracting subjects, birds, stalking, blinds, caution), NANPA ethical field practices, outdoor survival, weather rules of thumb, ways to find North, using a camera in cold, preventing static electricity, wind chill factors, treating hypothermia, treating frostbite, using a camera in heat, heat factors, treating heatstroke.
Macro Photography
Magnification and subject size, extension tubes (reproduction ratios, exposure compensation, effective apertures), Close-up lenses, depth of field and diffraction.
Camera lens compatibility, Nikon lens types, Current Nikkor lens info (Manual Focus, Auto Focus, Special Purpose), teleconverter use, depth of field, hyperfocal distances, compatibility, using a wide angle lens, focal lengths and perspective, and lens hood information.
Basic Flash Information
Electronic flash, flash exposure principles, flash syncronization, Guide Numbers, Speedlight flash modes, monitor preflash, exposure considerations, advanced flash techniques (bounce, controlling, slow sync, motion blurs, high-speed sync, red-eye reduction), troubleshooting checklist. Plus concise instructions for the SB-25, SB-26, SB-27, and SB-28.
Basic Camera Information
Nikon designations, EV ranges and shutter speeds, metering methods, exposure modes, basic camera field repair, camera control locations. Plus concise instructions for the FM2n, F60/N60, F70/N70, F90x/N90s, F4, F5, and F100.
Useful Equations

Nikon Contact Information

Checklists and Forms

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