Nikon Flash Guide
The Definitive Speedlight Reference

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This book is now out of print. An eBook 2nd Edition is being prepared.

The Nikon Flash Guide is the definitive Speedlight reference.
This book helps you master the use of Nikon's sophisticated flash system, just like the pros have been doing for years. Nowhere else will you find the breadth or depth of information about Nikon flash as you will in Nikon Flash Guide. Destined to be a classic. A must-read book for any Nikon 35mm user.

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"I bought The Nikon Flash Guide today. It has already helped me manage my way through using my SB-28. I want to thank you! If not for you, a lot of people would not know how to get 100% out of their Nikon flash."

"Your [Nikon Flash Guide] makes the SB-28 book from Magic Lantern look sick." --Zack Schindler

"[The Nikon Flash Guide] is superior to anything else on the market." --Paul McKenney

"Great book. I was pleasantly surprised at the extra information about flash photography in general, which I am finding very very useful. I also enjoyed the questions [and answers] at the very end"
--Paul Beiser

"Just wanted to say thanks for another excellent book! I learned more in your [Nikon Flash Guide] in an hour than I was able to extract from the Magic Lantern Guide to the SB-28 over a weekend. A 'must have' for any (Nikon) photography library." --Anthony Manansala

"Thanks for the [Nikon Flash Guide]. I finished it last night and it's got everything:

--Alwyn Greer

"Finally! A book on flash that is well-written and understandable. I've read the Magic Lantern guides, the Nikon manual, even articles by photographers on the Web, and nothing has ever made sense. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the clear writing in your book." -- S.D. Ayres

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