imho \im-hö\ abbr In My Humble Opinion

Back before blogs were popular, when I got annoyed enough at something I would write a short experiencial report. Here's the complete list of subjects that provoked me into blogging:

10/25/02 What was Fortune thinking? Time Inc has become a closet spammer.
Are You Activated? Hey, you had several Microsoft-rant free months, so what do you expect?
4/04//01 The Myths of Napster. Okay folks, I'm fed up with all the printed misinformation and misinterpretations.
01 Doesn't Anyone Want $25,000? Auto dealers just don't get the Internet. They didn't get my money, that's for sure.
1/10/01 Temptation Capital. Hey, it's a media meld. Would you like fries with that?
1/10/01 This Month's Microsoft Tirade. I went almost 30 days without writing about dumb Softie moves, did you miss me?
12/16/00 Windows IS a Monopoly After All. Microsoft's latest moves just serve to prove the point.
10/00 Is Anyone Home At Symantec? SystemWorks users should uninstall before updating to WinME.
10/00 Office Rant. Upgrade hell with Office updates, or how it now takes Thom three CDs to reinstall.

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