Feline Flip Flop

Rightside Up or Upside Down? You decide which you like best.

Here's the original shot, as framed. I was lucky enough to get the lion's reflection well isolated and the late afternoon sun was throwing enough light on him but not the water so that he popped. When I saw that reflection so distinct, I knew I wanted to try for some sort of shot. My plan was to take the shot when he went down for a drink, but he didn't cooperate. He was pacing back and forth along this waterline, and the one time he did take a drink, he was facing away from me.

Note that some of the crudeness (pixelation) you see around the mouth and nose is really just the result of the downsizing of this image. The full-sized image is much more subtle and the ripple effects much more visually interesting. Detail of nose:

And for comparison, here's the flipped shot:


First, learn the rules.

Second, break the rules.

Third, tell others to always follow the rules.

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