Thom Hogan's
Complete Guide to the Nikon D80

The definitive guide to Nikon's top consumer camera is fresher than ever.

Copyright 2008 Thom Hogan

Current version: 1.06
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Table of Contents
Errata Page

Thom Hogan's Complete Guide to the Nikon D80 helps you understand and master the use of the Nikon D80 digital SLR. With over 800 pages of detailed, complete, and useful information, you'll find all your questions about the camera and how to use it answered. Unlike previous Complete Guides, this time you get more than a single PDF file. You get three primary works:

  • The Complete Guide to the Nikon D80: this 630 page eBook (PDF file) contains everything you'd want to know about the D80 and how to use it. You'll find deep explanations with plenty of examples and suggestions for setting your camera, all in the no-nonsense and understandable writing style for which Thom Hogan has become famous. No matter how well you think you know the D80, you'll find things in this work that you didn't know about the camera. That's why it's called a "complete guide."
  • The D80 To Go: this 96-page printed book contains the step-by-step instructions and reference material from the main eBook put into a concise printed form that you can stuff in your camera bag.
  • Introduction to Nikon Software: another 200 pages of useful information in eBook form (PDF file), this time about the software (both supplied and optional) that Nikon produces for its DSLR cameras. This work includes sections on the current Nikon Transfer, Nikon ViewNX, Nikon Camera Control Pro, and Nikon Capture NX. Plus it covers the software that came with the D80 through most of its production (e.g. PictureProject). There's enough here to get you started using Nikon's software, and probably a few things the experts amongst you didn't know, as well. Third-party software as well as workflow is briefly covered in this first edition (Thom expects to expand this in future editions now that the work is separate from the Complete Guides).

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But wait, there's more. Thom has revisited the support files he provides with his Complete Guides, so now you also get:

  • A second heaping helping of Photoshop Actions. Besides all the Photoshop Actions that were supplied with previous Complete Guides, now there's another whole file full of interesting and useful actions.
  • The Complete Guide Worksheets. Accurate and complete Depth of Field, Flash, Macro, and Storage worksheets to calculate your own values for many useful functions.
  • Workflow Videos. Three short, to-the-point videos that step you through the same basic workflow for Nikon DSLR images, but with three different sets of software (Nikon's own, a mix-and-match combination, and the all-Adobe version).

The Complete Guide to the Nikon D80 is a must-own for any D80 user. There simply isn't any other work out there that comes close to touching the detail, usefulness, or completeness of this work. The work is supplied on CD-ROM and 96-page printed book for $39.95 plus shipping and handling, and can only be purchased from this site.

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  • Organized to help you learn. Well organized and fine tuned, with distinct sections for what you need to know before using the camera (background and setup), while using the camera (shooting features), and after using the camera (what to do with your images). Software questions? That's in the separate Introduction to Nikon Software eBook so it doesn't clutter up the camera info.
  • A complete instruction manual and an introduction to relevant digital issues in one book. Thom Hogan's Complete Guide to the Nikon D80 manages to not only fully describe every feature of the D80 in clear, easy-to-understand language, but gives you rich, technical background for many of the critical issues that confront digital camera users. First time DSLR users will get information about how DSLRs work. DSLR veterans will get insights into how to set their D80 for the best results.
  • Nikon flash and autofocus modes explained in plain English! Wonder how the new I-TTL flash works? Can't figure out Dynamic autofocus, Release Priority, Focus Priority, Closest Focus Priority, the AF-A autofocus mode, and a host of other terms used to describe features of the focusing system? Thom Hogan's Complete Guide to the Nikon D80 explains these terms and accompanying techniques in the same simple, no-nonsense language that made his Nikon Field Guide a best seller. Includes information on how to use the D80's Commander mode wireless flash option.
  • Note: The eBook covers the MB-D80 and most other currently available D80 options and accessories.

What others say about the first edition of this The Complete Guide to the Nikon D80:

"Best $30 I've spent in a long time. --George Paleo

Having purchased your D70 Guide I figured the D80 version would probably be just a rehash of a lot of the same material. Gotta say that it has a LOT of new stuff and, go figure, I'm learning a lot again. --Bob Lancelot

800+ pages, eBook (Macintosh and Windows CD-ROM supplied; uses Acrobat Reader).
North American orders: $39.95 plus $6.95 shipping and handling.
International orders: $39.95 plus $8.95 shipping and handling.
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This product is mailed to you on a CD-ROM (shipped Priority Mail in the US, First Class Mail outside the US). The PDF files are in Adobe Acrobat format and require the free Acrobat Reader 6.x or later. Downloadable versions are not available. The eBook is cross referenced with bookmarks for the complete Table of Contents. You may print a copy of the PDF files you get for your own personal use.

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Updated Version

Note: if you ordered any time after May 1st, you already have the latest version of the CD; the only thing you don't have is the D80 To Go booklet.

Do you have the original version of The Complete Guide to the Nikon D80 and wonder what changed in this new version? Here's the complete list of what Thom changed:

  • Incorporated all the known errata.
  • Fixed references to Detailed (which should have been Full) and several additional unpublished errata.
  • Fixed templating to be more consistent on wording.
  • Fixed a number of capitalization errors in settings names.
  • Reworked the section on the D80 sensor to be clearer, more up-to-date.
  • Updated text to reflect 1.10 firmware.
  • Added a section on the Multiple Exposure function.
  • Added a section on SB-400.
  • Added D300 and D3 references where appropriate.
  • Removed the D80-Related Software section.
  • Added the Introduction to Nikon Software eBook.
  • Added three QuickTime workflow videos.
  • Updated Photoshop Actions and Excel workbooks.

If you have a version prior to 1.06 and wish to receive the complete update, send US$14.95 (US$15.85 for Pennsylvania residents) in US funds drawn on a US bank plus your original CD to Thom Hogan, PO Box 811, Emmaus, PA 18049. The update price includes all shipping and handling for the new CD and printed To Go book. I don't make money off this upgrade service, but basically only recover my basic costs. Your new Complete Guide and To Go book will be sent by Priority (US) or First Class mail. Be sure to include your current email address so that a shipping confirmation can be sent.

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