South Africa 2010 Workshop

In August 2010 I led a two-week workshop through South Africa, partly along the eastern coast, partly in one of the private wildlife preserves. This is the blog from that trip:

Day 0: Lecture and Shoot

Aug 21—The workshop kicked off this afternoon with my lecture on the compositional side of photography, then some practice in the wharf area, where I went from student to student doing one-on-one practice of the things I teach. Unfortunately, rain terminated our practice shoot a bit earlier than I had hoped, but some of the students are still a bit tired from the trip to get here from the States, so calling it an early night was mostly met with yawns. 

Day 1: Wet and Dry

Day 2: South Africa History Day

Day 3: Out of the Cape

Day 4: The Long Drive

Day 5: The Tsitsikamma

Day 6: The Tsitsikamma

Day 7: Goodbye Landscapes, Hello Animals

Day 8: To the Preserves

Timeout: Some Useful Information

Day 9: Rhinos? What Rhinos?

Day 10: The Kill

Bonus Day: All Safari, All the Time

Final Full Day: Cubs

Wrap-up 1: The Soap Opera Continues

Wrap-up 2: Equipment

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