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Complete S5 Pro Guide
Errata Page

The following are the known errata for the initial version of the book, as of 1/29/08. Errata appear for the latest edition first, oldest edition last.


Version 1.0.0

Some of the URL links appear not to work in Acrobat Reader

p. 4 "That said I" should be "That said, I"

p. 28 "A few" should be "Most"

p. 30 Second paragraph contains a sentence fragment

p. 39 "when using a D200" should be "when using an S5 Pro."

p. 39 Technically, we're measuring the light reflected from the scene

p. 40 "that criticism any more" should be "that complaint any more."

p. 41 "the lens I just mentioned" should be "the 18-200mm lens"

p. 45 "people at first guess" should be "people would think at first guess"

p. 68 The references to light green and dark green are reversed

p. 81 "Portia" should be "Portra"

p. 103 "using every other shot" should be "using flash every other shot"

p. 103 "reduce the battery impact by" should be "reduce the battery life by as much as half."

p. 110 "NEF" should be "RAF"

p. 117 Microdrive sizes are 170MB and 340MB, not KB

p. 124 "move beyond 512K storage" should be "move beyond 512MB storage"

p. 165 "you'll not the" should be "you'll note the"

p. 230 "towards underexposure" should be "towards overexposure"

p. 255 "but every pro" should be "and every pro"

p. 326-328 I refer to the Shooting Method Lock button with three different names

p. 458 Maintenance counter should have a "D200--no equivalent option"

p. 488 The numbers prefixing footnotes in the table are too small

p. 513 + 520 Some of the SB-600 and SB-800 specs got inverted

p. 567 "NIkon Service Centers" should be "Fujifilm Service Centers"

p. 617 "in detail" should be removed

You cannot use the function button method of inputting CPU data if a flash is active.

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