last update: 22 July, 2002

  Nikon Speedlight SB-800

Announced July 22, 2003, the SB-800 is Nikon's new top-of-the-line flash unit, basically combining the features of the SB-80DX with many new wireless and digital twists. Modest changes to the overall cosmetics of the previous Speedlight generation are also part of this new flash.


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GN: 125 (ft), 38 (m) (ISO 100, 35mm coverage)
Weight: 12.3 oz. (350g) (w/o batteries)
Size: 5” (127.4mm) tall x 2.8” (70.6mm) wide x 3.6” (91.7mm) deep
Power: four AA batteries; 5-battery Quick Recycle Pack SD-800 included (optional SD-7 in US, or SD-8A worldwide external)
Recycle Time: 6 seconds minimum (full discharge) normal; 2.7 seconds with SD-800
# of Flashes: ~150 at full manual
Flash Duration: 1/1050 to 1/41600
Coverage: 14mm and 17mm with wide-angle flash adapter; also supports 24mm-105mm coverage in 5mm steps
Case: SS-800 (supplied)
Key Features: TTL flash control on most TTL-capable Nikon bodies, including digital, monitor pre-flash on F90X/N90s or later bodies; i-TTL on D2h; Full power TTL, eight power level manual, and Automatic (six apertures) settings. LCD panel shows settings. Rear curtain sync. Red-eye reduction. Wireless control capability; the SB-800 can synchronize with up to three additional flashes, even with D2h body. Head tilts from –7 degrees below horizontal up to 90 degrees above horizontal, and rotates -270 degrees to plus 180 degrees clockwise. Built-in diffuser card. Aufofocus assist light to 32.8 ft (10m). Modeling flash function. Wireless slave flash function. Includes soft dome diffuser (SW-10H) for 14mm. Includes filters for tungsten and fluorescent lighting. High speed sync mode is automatic on D2h (manual on other bodies). Flash exposure lock capability.
Thom's Comment: Essentially an SB-80DX with a bunch of new tricks specifically oriented towards the D2h. Two or three of these flashes with the new D2h body make for a very versatile (and wireless) TTL system.

Reference Cards

I no longer produce the laminated reference cards.

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The above information was excerpted from the in-depth information in the upcoming Nikon Flash Guide, 2nd Edition (the first edition, currently available, does not include specific SB-800 info). Besides flash specifications, you'll find a full set of operating instructions for each flash in the book. Plus, most cameras from the Nikon F3 forward are covered in the detailed section on interactions and capabilities in the back of the book. That's all in addition to the clearest description of how the Nikon flash system works that opens the book. Click on the cover in the right column to order your copy from amazon.com!



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