Welcome to Thom's Spring Cleaning VII

Last Updated: March 6, 2018 11am

It’s that time again. In order to keep the office clean and make shelf room I'm having my usual spring sale. 

Each item that's available is preceded by a letter/number combo identifier. Please send me an email using the contact page if you’re interested in an item, and use the letter/number combo to identify the item(s) you want. First come, first served. Items will only be shipped to US and Canadian addresses, generally via Priority Mail and possibly with signature required. Note that due to time commitments, I can't always ship items immediately. I try to get them out the week they were ordered, though.

All items are in excellent or better condition and include original packaging/accessories/manual unless otherwise noted. As I get around to it, additional items will be posted.

Items with short strikethroughs have been spoken for but not yet paid for. Items completely struck through are no longer available. Don't worry, more items coming! (Nikon gear added 2/21)


M7. Apple MacBook Pro 15" (2012, 10,1 model). Basically the maxed out model of its time, with battery in still very good condition. A few stuck pixels on the display (really hard to notice even with just the black startup screen; doesn't impact use). 2.6Ghz i7 quad core processor, 16GB DRAM, 512GB SSD drive, Nvidia GeForce GT650M w/ 1GB VRAM. Comes with all accessories in original packaging. Currently running Sierra. US$999 including shipping. 


The following Nikon items are not my gear, but come from my sports shooting partner. Like the rest of us, he's been doing an overhaul of his equipment to keep current. I can vouch for the descriptions here; he takes about the same high level of care on his stuff as I do.

N1. Nikon AF-S 70-200mm f2.8G ED VR ll Lens -  A sharp, versatile, and durable telephoto zoom lens used by professionals and amateurs alike - ideal for photojournalism, sports, wildlife photography and most telephoto applications, including portraiture. Works great as an FX format lens but can also be mounted and used on DX format DSLRs (105mm - 300m 35mm equivalent). Main features include a fast f/2.8 constant maximum aperture which is essential in low light situations, Vibration Reduction system (VR ll) minimizes image blur due to camera shake in low light situations, 7 Extra-low Dispersion (ED) elements offers superior sharpness and color correction while minimizing chromatic aberration, convenient 77mm filter size, Nano Crystal Coating to reduce ghosting and flare, fast but silent autofocus and weather sealing for rugged outdoor conditions. Comes complete with detachable hood, removable tripod foot and padded carrying case. US$1750 including shipping.


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