Welcome to Thom's Spring Cleaning Sale 3

Last Updated: Updated 5 October 10am

We’re nearing the end of the closet cleaning. Here’s how this works: first come, first served. US and Canadian orders only, please. Sending any of this stuff overseas adds paperwork, complexity, and hassle, and I'm trying to make this simple and fast for me. I update this page as often as possible so that the items on it are still likely to be available.

If you see something below that you'd like, send me an email indicating you'd like to purchase it. If the item is labeled "make offer", indicate the price that you'd pay for it if it. If you're making an offer, give it your best shot first, because there may be other people submitting bids, too. I'm going to take the highest one I receive, obviously.

All items have an item number just in front of them. Please make sure you include this so that I don't get confused on similar items. 

If your bid was the winning one, I'll send you the information that'll allow you to complete the purchase (credit cards will be accepted through PayPal).

After payment is received, the item gets shipped the following Wednesday when my assistant comes in to do shipping. If payment isn't received in a timely fashion, I'll put the item back up for sale.

I've tried to provide a short, accurate description of each item. If you have a question about an item, feel free to email me, but remember, this is first-come, first-served. I expect some of these items to go very quickly, so asking questions decreases the chance that you'll get an item, unfortunately. Those that have dealt with me before know that this stuff is in great shape and that I often throw free surprises into the box. Please use the item number (A1, A2, etc.) when expressing interest in an item.


  • Sale Pending LN1: Nikon TC-20E II 2x teleconverter. Excellent in III box. US $339 includes shipping.
  • LN3: Nikon AF-I tele-converter TC-14E. Very good, with carry bag. US$249 includes shipping.
  • LV1: Voigtlander 12mm F5.6 Heliar for Leica screw mount. Like new in box with hood, missing rear cap and accessory viewfinder. US$349 includes shipping.
  • Sale Pending LS1: Samyang 8mm F3.5 fisheye for Sony E-mount. Excellent in bag, no box. US$99 includes shipping.
  • Sale Pending LH1: Hoya 62mm polarizer. Good, no case. US$19 includes shipping. 



  • AX3: Really Right Stuff BD-3 for Nikon D3 model cameras. Excellent with tool. US$49 includes shipping.
  • AX5: Kirk Enterprises PZ-B6 plate for Nikon D2 series body. Very good with tool. US$39 includes shipping.
  • AX6: Kirk Enterprises BL-D100 L-bracket for Nikon D100 body. Very good with tool. US $29 includes shipping.

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