Thom Hogan has written on a wide variety of topics and in a wide range of styles. Here's a sampling of what's available on the Web. (Thom's personal favorites are "Take a Deep Breath" and "Survivor.")

The Writing area is now divided into two sections:

General Writing


Stop telemarketers by using this simple technique.

Take a Hike. For you digital camera users that walk in the woods, here's a quick summary of what to take, how to protect it, and where to carry it. Cover article for the September issue of digitalFOTO magazine.

Survivor. What happens when you load up with electronic gadgets and use them as your sole navigation aid in the backcountry? Find out in this feature from the February 2001 issue of T3 magazine.

A Bear Story. On my right, a mother black bear. On my left, her cub. And what's that coming down the trail, a pair of dogs? A true story of inadvertent Alaska adventure.

I've authored hundreds of articles for a wide variety of magazines (A+, Infoworld, MacUser, Macworld, digitalFOTO, amongst others). As I slowly work my way through my old disks, I'll post a few historic pieces that I have rights to. For those whose memory of computer publications goes back that far: yes, I was Minnie Floppy.

During my three years as Executive Editor of BACKPACKER Magazine, I wrote monthly editorials and a few features. You can find an index of everything I wrote by clicking here. Here are my four favorites:

Take a Deep Breath (February 1999): a very personal essay on clearcutting in the Tongass (Alaska).

A Thousand Words (June 2000): photographers have long been involved in preserving national treasures, and in these 1000 words (at least before the copy editors did their thing), I tell their tales.

Look, Up in the Sky...If You Can (April 2000): Every April I try to write in a way I've never tried before. In this editorial, I write from the future. If you thought I was cranky at 48, you ought to see how cranky I am in my 90's!

Faces of Fall (Oct 99): another personal essay, this time on one morning's experience chasing fall in the Eastern Sierra (note: there are four essays by four writers in this package, so you'll have to page through some other darn good writing to get to mine).

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