One-on-One Coaching (Face-to-Face)

Eastern Pennsylvania
The training that can be covered in these face-to-face sessions are:

  • Camera set up and mastery, plus shoot and critique
  • Portrait, Landscape, Street, and Action/Wildlife photography sessions
  • Location lighting (flash or strobe)
  • Lightroom Basic or Advanced Editing techniques
  • Photo Mechanic or Lightroom Image Management workflow
  • Photoshop Basic or Advanced techniques

This training is normally based in the Allentown, PA area, but can be done at your (or another) location) if this is more convenient or appropriate). Most training will take place at a facility I use in downtown Bethlehem.

  • Half-Day Bethlehem: US$750 for a half-day training session, includes your choice of breakfast or lunch
  • Full-Day Bethlehem: US$1250 for a full-day training session, includes lunch

If a second person is to attend, add US$250 to the above costs. Note that if we require a model or special location, there can be extra costs. I can also add my teaching assistant at a price to be negotiated, which generally is a good idea for portrait work and image management workflow sessions.

Outside of Pennsylvania

I'll consider doing face-to-face sessions outside my locale area, but the costs start to pile up:

  • Full-Day other US location: US$1500, plus flight and/or ground transportation cost, and minimum one night accommodation costs
  • Full-Day International location: US$1500 day (minimum two days + travel day, so US$4500), plus flight, ground transportation, and accommodation costs
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