Thom's On Sabbatical Again

Yes, I'm taking another one of my periodic breaks from the Internet. I've been doing too much online research, reading too many articles, answering too many emails and fora posts, and my brain is full and needs a rest. I'll be back online starting October 5th with all the news that happened while I was gone, but more importantly, with a clear cerebrum ready to produce more reviews and articles. 

As to why the flurry of camera announcements, but none from Nikon (this week's number one hot question): IBC. You'll note how many of the announcements being made the past two weeks are directly video-related, or at least have a strong video emphasis (even the OMDS Tough-7 just announced has a "critical" new video feature: vertical video). IBC is a media and (mostly video-related) technology show centered in Europe that rivals the US's NAB. Doors open in Amsterdam on Friday, and what you're seeing is the rush to get attention in the 13 exhibit halls. 

Yes, Nikon is an exhibitor, but I can only conclude that Nikon wants to market their next camera not so much as a video one, but as something else. I'm guessing the Z8/Z9 will be prominent in their display at IBC instead of the camera everyone is expecting. 

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