Today, Tomorrow, Someday


Today [Maker] announces the new [Product]. Our new [Maker][Product] is [Hyped Up Marketing Message]. [Exaggerated Claims]. We’re sure that our established customers will all enjoy [Product].

[Product] will be available for purchase on [Launch Date]. However, since this is a new product and we only produce it in small, monthly batches and ship it by the least expensive and slowest method available, we apologize in advance if you can’t purchase it at your dealer of choice on [Launch Date] or shortly thereafter. We promise you that we’ll continue producing [Product]* but quantities may be limited for the foreseeable future. 

In light of this situation, we have decided to leave the considerable inventory buildup of [Old Product] on the market at slightly reduced pricing rather than transfer it all to a landfill and fire those involved in overestimating [Old Product] demand. 

Thank you for your continued patronage of [Maker]. 

*Subject to change


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