November 2013

Nov 28  Olympus E-M1 Firmware Update 1.1
Olympus has updated the software for this camera. Read the full article on

Nov 28  The Nikon Df isn’t a Sellout. I’ve found multiple dealers with Df cameras in stock a day after it started shipping in the US. It’s no D800 (five month wait list).

Nov 27  New 12mm Fisheye lens for Fujifilm XF and Sony E-Mount.

Nov 26  Sony RX1 Camera Review
Calling this "compact" is a bit of a misnomer, as it's not close to a shirt pocket camera. It's more the size of a small rangefinder camera. Read the full review on

Nov 25  User Repair Experience adds an issue encountered with warranty on a Amazon UK purchase.

Nov 25 The Short Answer Part II
I’m following up my original article with a few more thoughts. Read the full article on

Nov 25  A Gadget Opportunity
Russell Brown’s recent foray into quadracopters (darn, now everyone is going to try what I was playing with) raised the drone volume in my In Box. But one email was particularly on point. What is the ultimate camera for a drone, and how do we control it? Read the full article on

Nov 22  Bunker Strategy
It’s the worldwide economy. It’s the rise of smartphones. It’s the mature market. It’s that Americans aren’t using their credit cards. It’s that digital cameras are “good enough” now. It’s the slower growth in the BRICs. In the last year or two we’ve heard pretty much every one of those things and more to explain why camera sales are on the decline. Read the full article on

Nov 21  Panasonic GX7 Firmware Update

Nov 21  RawDigger Leaves Beta
RawDigger has now reached 1.0 status and officially a product. Three versions (Windows and Macintosh) are available Read the full story on

Nov 20  Adobe Loosens Photoshop CC Plan
Starting today and running through December 2nd, Adobe is opening the US$9.99/month offer to everyone, regardless of whether you previously owned Photoshop or not. Read the full story on

Nov 19  NikonUSA Stops Puffing

Nov 19  Sigma Identifies Issues with D5300

Nov 19  Mirrorless for the Holidays
This is the second of a series of articles on my recommendations for holiday buying, targeting mirrorless systems. Full article on

Nov 19  New York Times Tackles Fujifilm
You don’t expect the New York Times to publish misleading statements (or at least statements that can be easily misinterpreted), but that’s what they’ve done in a recent article on Fujifilm’s X-series. Read the full article on

Nov 18  Parsing Nikon
Nikon has posted some follow-up Q&A to their first half financial results, and, as usual, it’s a mumbo jumbo of boilerplate Japanese excuseplanations along with some reading-between-the-lines truths. Read my translation on

Nov 18  Software Updates last week

Nov 14  The "Lower End" Problem
Early on, the mirrorless makers thought that the lower-end cameras would be…the meat of the market. Read the full article on

Nov 14  Nikon DSLRs for the Holidays
We're coming into the busy holiday buying season, and in order to cut down the number of "what should I buy" emails I get (or at least focus them better), I though I'd summarize my thoughts in a series of articles. This is the first. Read the full article on

Nov 13  The Short Answer
An email from a reader got me thinking about reducing the verbiage on my point about the decline in camera sales. Read the two-statement answer on

Nov 12  Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera Gets CinemaDNG RAW UpdateRead the full story on

Nov 12  Tough Camera Questions AnsweredRead the full Q&A on

Nov 11  Franiec Grips 
EOS M version of the Franiec anodized aluminum grip now available. Read the full article on

Nov 11  NikonUSA, the Puffer Fish
Is the US getting a bunch of new lenses the rest of the world isn't? (Short answer: no) Read the full article on

Nov 9  Sony RX-100 and RX-100II reviews
The RX100 is the original 1" sensor Cyber-shot compact camera from Sony, with the RX100II being a modest update. Both are available currently, so be careful to make sure you know which one you're getting and why. Read the full review on

Nov 9  Software News for PhotographersRead the full article on

Nov 9  Thom's Gear Cleanout Sale Continues. New gear has been posted.

Nov 8  Mirrorless Market News
As we get the quarterly financial reports from the camera companies and the latest CIPA numbers, we can see a number of small changes happening in the market. Read the full article on

Nov 7  Botswana Safari Wrap-up read the full article on

Nov 7  Fujifilm lens firmware updates to support X-E2 body.

Nov 7  New data pages for Pentax 08 Wide Angle Lens (Q system) and Tamron 150-600mm f/5-6.3 VC (FX).

Nov 7  Nikon Financials Posted
Nikon posted results for the first half of their fiscal year today, and the news is mixed. Read the full story on

Nov 7  What Nikon Got Right
Products that are different than expectations tend to cause a lot of intense debate. No product is "all bad" or "all good." Read the full article on

Nov 7  Don't Get Nik-ed
Google recently added another filter to the Nik Collection (Analog Efex Pro). Read the full article on

Nov 6  What Nikon Got Wrong
As I expected, the Internet is blowing hot and cold on this camera. Lots of emotional reactions to price, features, and design. Read the full article on

Nov 5  Digital (con)Fusion with the Nikon Df
So what to make of Nikon's new DSLR, the Nikon Df? Read the full article on

Nov 3  The Nikon Customer Leak Problem
Every day I get another of these emails from customers who are leaking away from Nikon DSLR bodies, in particular DX ones. Read the full article on

Nov 2  Stellar and Solar Cameras
Hasselblad's wood carvers just can't seem to be kept in check. Read the full article on

Nov 2  Fujifilm Closing UK E6 Lab
Fujifilm UK just gave a one-year advance notice of the closing of their E6 lab in Britain. Full details on

Nov 2  Pure Photography Teasers
In case you're out of the loop, Nikon has been teasing their next camera release. Read the full article on

Nov 1  Some Tony Photos
We're winding down now, but Tony provided me with a bunch of shots, and I wanted to make a few final points (or repeat a few) using them. Read the full article on

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