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How Many Megapixels? For some reason my In Box seems to be filled with “no more megapixels” messages from site visitors lately. Virtually everyone then goes on to say that the reason is they don’t want to buy a new computer. Article on

Schiller Nailed it; Nikon Missed Nail. Sunday’s episode of 60 Minutes contained this interchange regarding product management at Apple. Article on

What to Expect From Nikon in 2016. Best I can tell, here’s the full response we can expect in 2016… Article on 

The Best and Worst of Nikon in 2015. Looking back on Nikon’s new products announced and shipped in 2015, things were pretty darned good for the photo enthusiast and pro photographer. Article on

National Geographic Likes Mirrorless Cameras. National Geographic posted an article listing the “Top 10 Compact Cameras for Travelers.” In it were seven mirrorless cameras and three compacts. Seems that NG has gone mirrorless and given up on DSLRs. Article on

Why There Should be a D400. An email from one of this site’s readers nailed it.  Article on

The Nikon Buys Samsung Rumor. While I was bobbing in the ocean for two weeks, a rumor was bobbing through the web fora: that the reason why Samsung appears to be withdrawing from cameras is that Nikon bought their camera division. Article on

What’s Up With Samsung Cameras? We now have official statements of withdrawal from the camera market by Samsung in Germany and the Netherlands. So what gives? Article on

Nikon’s Late November Discounts. Updated Everyone’s got cameras and lenses on sale at the moment. I’ll get to my predictions about what will happen next in a moment, but first let’s examine Nikon’s latest offering. Article on

Leica Simplifies the M. Leica today announced a new version of the M camera, this time the Typ 262. Two big differences define this new model from the previous M’s. Article on

Current Mirrorless Discounts, Organized. So many specials, so many rebates, so many little added bits and kits. How do you make sense of it while browsing one item at a time? Article on

The Non-Announcement. Nikon today announced that they are developing a D5, WT-6, and SB-5000. Duh. Article on

Nikon Publishes Bad Self Report Card. Two months after OS X10.11 (El Capitan) shipped and Apple has been selling new computers with it installed, Nikon has gotten around to a little self-evaluation of how their Macintosh software fares. Nikon’s own self grade can only be called an F. Article on

No Bottom Hit in Cameras Yet. There’s been a lot of discussion on photography sites lately about how various camera companies are doing, but little about how the industry is doing. Wait, hold that, just before I published this article, we had a bunch of Web sites posting things like “the fall is over”.  Wrong. Article on

Committed to Users. Every few months I see another Japanese camera company executive make the statement “we’re committed to fill_in_the_blank users.” Article on

Pursuit of the Latest Gear. Camera buying is not rational. At least not the way it’s practiced by most. Article on 

Fujifilm Lens & Camera Sale. Since I noted the Olympus sale earlier this month, it’s only fair to point out the new Fujifilm sale, which just started and is good through December 26th. Article on

Site news: I’m aware that some of you don’t like the font used on some of the redesigned sites. Before making another arbitrary change I’m going to let the current one stand while I evaluate the alternatives.

Why Nobody Trusts Adobe. I’d post this in the software updates page if I actually knew what it was. Take a look at what both my systems are showing me this morning (read carefully). Article on

Which Mirrorless System? It’s that time of year. More cameras are bought in the Christmas run-up than any other time of year, and pretty much everything that’s going to be available this season has been announced and is shipping. Article on 

Nikon’s Troubles Continue. Nikon on Friday reported their second quarter fiscal results. Nikon’s top line is that sales and operating income increased year on year (5 and 11% respectively). I had to actually go back and look at last year’s second quarter to get a perspective on that. Article on

Shall We Play a Game? Greetings, Professor Hogan. Hello, Joshua. Let’s play Global Thermonuclear Camera War… Article on

Q4 Software News. Constantly refreshing article on new digital photography software updates. Article on

Site news: all the bythom sites have now been rolled into a common, more mobile-friendly look and wrapper. All of them have the same banner image now to pull them together in branding. I’ll continue tweaking small things as I notice issues, but the big changes are done. And speaking of big changes, the site has had a menu simplification. Essays is now in the Technique header. The Nikon header is now a sub-header under News/Views. Thanks to everyone who has provided me feedback on the changes and to my CSS coder, Charlie Lockhart.

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