December 2018

December 10

Long Term Versus Short Term Planning. It's the end of the year, and this year has shaped up to be a real log-jam of new products. All the major players are playing majorly right now. What all the hype and PR coming out of a busy trade show like Photokina does is focus consumers on the short term. There's a great deal of FOMO going on in the photographic community. (That's Fear Of Missing Out for those of you over 35. Heck, maybe even over 25 ;~) Article on

More Nikon Lens Rebates. We have six Nikkor lenses with rebates that started this past Sunday. As always with Nikon rebates, I'll give you my advice about them. Article on

December 3

Statistics Interpreted Incorrectly. Lately you might have seen many of the rumors and fan sites republishing a chart from BCN about the market shares in full frame. As a reminder, BCN is one of those receipt-analyzing companies that attempts to report what's happening at the check-out register, in this case, in Japan. Article on

Nikon Z7 Review. Warning: Because this is Nikon's first foray into a truly top-level mirrorless camera, this review is going to be quite a long one. Relax, sit back, take your time going through all the detail. Article on

Nikkor 24-70mm f/4 S Review. The 24-70mm f/4 S is the kit zoom lens for the initial Z series bodies. Much like Sony did with the original A7 and their 24-70mm f/4, Nikon has targeted a small, travel-friendly kit lens as the one of the initial zooms in their new system. Article on

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