August 2014 Nikon News

byThom was closed during the month of August for our regularly scheduled break. The following articles would have appeared during that month:

September 3, 2014 (August articles)           

D810: White Dots Reappear. The Nikon D810 became yet another in a string of FX cameras that Nikon has had to fix shortly after shipping. Article on

Nikon Firmware Updates. A number of Nikon DSLRs received firmware updates in August. Article on

The D600 Dust Problem, Still. While I was off in August, multiple Web sites posted a settlement offer from one of the firms that had filed a class action suit in California against NikonUSA regarding the dust/shutter issues of the D600. Article on

Thoughts About D810 NEF WorkflowWhile dealing with the Adobe ACR/D810 workflow during August I realized something: why isn’t Nikon doing what some pros are doing? Article on

September 2, 2014 (August articles)           

Zeiss Loxia Lenses for Sony FE Mount. Zeiss introduced two new lenses for the Sony FE Mount cameras, the Loxia 35mm f/2 and the 50mm f/2. Article on

Nikon 1 Gets a Third-Party Lens. Rokinon is the first company other than Nikon to make a lens for the Nikon 1’s CX mount, introducing a 7.5mm f/8 fisheye lens. Article on

Olympus E-PL7 Announced. First thing in the press release for this new camera: promotion of the new “selfie” mode, which is basically the touchscreen LCD swiveled downward 180° so you can take pictures of yourself via touch. The marketing tag line: “photography for the smartphone user.” Article on

Leica Modestly Updates the MLeica today announced the M-P Type 240 rangefinder camera. Priced US$700 more than the M Type 240, the M-P has four small changes. Article on

Sony A5100 AnnouncedThe NEX-5 was a seminal camera for Sony. It was the camera that really gave them traction in the mirrorless market. So it isn’t surprising that we’ve now gotten the sixth iteration of the camera, now called the A5100. Article on

First Half 2014 Mirrorless SuccessFor the first half of the year, mirrorless camera systems have showed a bit of growth over last year versus another decline in DSLR shipments year-to-year. Article on

Pentax’s Non-Upgrade UpgradePentax today announced the Q-S1, the follow-on model to the Q7. Article on

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