December 2017

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December 23

Note: If you didn't get your annual NPS Renewal via email (I didn't), go to, sign in, and complete your renewal form there. Nikon now has essentially two tiers of NPS, one where you need 750 points of gear (Carbon), and one where you need 1000+ (Platinum). The only real difference is that you in the number of evaluation/assignment loaners you can get and the size of the repair discount. NPS is now on a yearly renewal-by-end-of-year program, so don't dilly dally. 

Nikon D5 Review. The single digit D's are Nikon's camera oriented specifically to pros, and particularly to pros who demand rugged reliability, speed of shooting, and low light capability over things like pixel counts. The D3, D4 series, and now D5 are found in the bags of Nikon-shooting photojournalists and sports shooters because of those three basic elements. It doesn't hurt that Nikon pours all their formidable technology development into this flagship camera, either. Article on

Thom Hogan's Complete Guide to the Nikon D5. Logging in at 1028 pages of detailed information about the Nikon D5, this new downloadable eBook fully documents the nuances of Nikon's top camera in ways you won't find anywhere else. Literally. Outside of Nikon's own user manual, there isn't a book on this camera, at least not one that attempts to take you through each and every feature and performance detail. There, that's enough marketing-oriented statements from me for the year. You either know you need this eBook or you don't need it. eBook on

December 19

Lessons Learned. I wrote earlier that I was taking a set of gear to the Galapagos to try to figure out some of the camera/lens bits that I was still struggling for answers with. I found answers. Here they are. Article on

December 18

The Year End Comparitor. As we come to the close of another year, it's worth taking a closer look at some of the comparison questions I keep getting during this buying season. As usual, I'll take my strawman position, which tends to be aggressive and strongly stated. But I'll stand by the following conclusions... Article on

December 15

Nikon Expectations. Okay, let's start with what Nikon should be doing: they should be releasing a D5s and D500s in January. Article on

December 14

Even Leica Beats Nikon DX Lens Availability. A reader recently pointed me at the much overlooked Leica TL. Hmm, 18mm f/2.8, 23mm f/2, 35mm f/1.4, 60mm f/2.8 Macro. A road map with three more primes coming by Spring 2018 (35mm f/2, 75mm f/2, 90mm f/2). Article on

December 13

An End of the Year Reader Challenge. Ah, the year end "best of" compilations are all proliferating like rabbits on the Interwebs. I've seen all kinds of these articles, virtually none of which make any useful sense (unless you follow the affiliate links to order something, thus rewarding the compiler). Article on

December 12

More Nikon Rebates. NikonUSA has a new set of lens-only rebates, plus is now offering rebates on the D7500 body. As usual, here are my thoughts. Article on

I've updated the firmware specs for a number of models on the site.

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