May 2018

May 30

Investors versus Customers. An article published this week in the Harvard Business Review by Bain & Company partner Shigeki Ichii describes some of Nikon's recent corporate behavior. That article simply reinforces what I've been writing about for some time: Nikon is currently in a phase where cost-cutting is a primary management task. Article on

You Need a Good Egg Before You can Make a Better Chicken. Which came first, the chicken or the egg sometimes can be answered. At least I think so. Sometimes you need to start with an well conceived egg to get a viable chicken. Article on 

A Minor D5 Firmware Update. Nikon updated the D5 firmware to version 1.3. Not a lot to this update, with one new “feature” and four bug fixes for things that most people wouldn’t notice. Article on 

May 21

Is m4/3 Still a Viable Choice? After my two presentations at B&H last week, I had someone come up to me and ask a seemingly simple question: would I still invest in m4/3 gear? Article on

My Five Favorite Nikkors. I've resisted doing this sort of article in the past. That's partly because my type of shooting doesn't always equate to yours. Thus, my favorite lenses might apply to someone shooting like me, but not to everyone (or even most). That said, I think it is reasonable to understand what Nikkor lenses really stand out for me and why. I'll give you an alternative bargain list when I'm done to round things out, but here are my five favorite Nikkors, in ascending focal length order. Article on

May 14

Sony Kando Trip 2.0. "Kando translates to mean emotional involvement.  The power to stimulate an emotional response.  The power to make people say, ‘Wow.'  All Sony products must be inspired by a spirit of kando." This year's Kando trip was held last week in Monterey, California. Article on

Review of the Sony 24-105mm f/4 G OSS Lens. The Sony 24-105mm f/4 G OSS was a mild surprise when it was introduced in late 2017 along with the A7Rm3. Given that we already had a trio of f/4 lenses and the trio of f/2.8 lenses had been completed, many thought that the next big zoom would be something in the telephoto range. Article on 

The Rumored Claims are Wrong. It's that time of year. With most of the Japanese camera companies having now reported their fiscal year results, CIPA having provided their 2018 estimates and early revisions, and some actual real data from the year starting to accumulate, we've got lots of market share rumors and assertions and claims running around the Internet. Happens every year. Article on

May 7

The Problem for Canon and Nikon. Rumors have it that Canon and Nikon will both introduce full frame mirrorless cameras later this year. I believe those rumors to be true. That would put Canikon almost exactly five years behind Sony's original A7/A7R full frame mirrorless camera introduction. What does five years' head start mean? Article on

Hasselblad 21mm f/4 added to lens database

May 6

Maybe Buy Your Mom a Nikon? NikonUSA has introduced new discounts in time for Mother's Day. Article on

May 3

Buy Your Mom a Sigma? I just got through looking closely at five of the 15 lenses now on sale, and have reviewed six of them at this point (the two I looked at but haven't reviewed yet are the 24-35mm f/2 and 24-70mm f/2.8). So at this point I'm tried a bit more than half of the Art lenses. Article on

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