November 2019

Nov 30

Internet Declares Sony the Winner. Let’s see if I can get out ahead of what will be the latest claims flying around the Internet. Here’s the summary information from BCN rounded to the nearest percent that shows how full frame cameras are doing (both DSLR and mirrorless). Article on

Nov 29

Will the Grinch Steal Christmas? As you partake on all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers, remember this: holiday shopping is a longer-term event. Between Cyber Monday and Christmas there are 22 other shopping days this year, and everyone in the chain that sells—dealers, distributors, makers—really needs to see sustained buying, not just a couple of spurts of splurging. Article on

Nov 25

How to Buy. Yes, it’s that week. Black Friday is coming. Cyber Monday will follow. Holiday savings will blossom. Everyone wants you to buy. Article on

Nov 14

My Proposal for Nikon's Product Future. I publish this article as a thought piece. There's no way that what I propose here could actually be done, partly because you can't just jump in at one point in time, wave your hands, and make models appear/disappear. What you will be able to do over time is compare what I write here to what Nikon actually does, and get some sense of how they saw the same problem. Article on

Nov 14

The Reason Camera Sales are Stalled. How do you get current customers to upgrade cameras? How do you get someone new to buy a dedicated camera for the first time? Article on

Nov 11

Followup on Nikon's Financials. It's always fascinating to watch discussions of hot topics. Last week's hot topic was Nikon's surprise financial presentation projecting a loss for the imaging group for the year. Before I get back to what Nikon said, let's first clear up a couple of the discussion points that keep coming up. Article on

Nov 7

Nikon's Financial Issues Persist. Long ago I pointed out that there was a fan "over there" and that mildly iterating the same old thing and not paying attention to your key customers was the equivalent of fecal matter. You probably shouldn't throw the one at the other. For Nikon, as I expected, those two things have now clearly met. Article on

Nov 6

A lot of miscellany today to deal with. In the L-mount, we have the Leica SL2 announcement, Panasonic 16-35mm f/2.8 and 70-200mm f/2.8 lens announcements. Panasonic also updated firmware significantly for the GH5, GH5S, and G9. Canon quietly added the Ra to their mirrorless lineup, which should appeal to astrophotographers. Sigma announced their 24-70mm f/2.8 for the FE and L mounts. I'll eventually get around to writing about the L mount, as coupled with the Sigma fp now shipping, there's a lot of activity there. But I need some time using gear before forming a full opinion on the L-mount and all its options.

Nov 4

Adobe's Latest Updates. As usual, Adobe used the Adobe Max Conference to show off new features for existing programs as well as launch completely new products. For us photographers, the top-level news is this. Article on

The "In Stock" Holidays. If you want an indicator of just how healthy the camera business is, check store inventories of cameras and lenses. Article on

Nov 2

Nikon DSLR Discounts. NikonUSA had fall discounts that were supposedly available only for a few days during PhotoPlus Expo, but now they've extended those through November 27th. In the interest of helping you keep track of what I think are bargains, here are the current DSLR offers with my annotations. Article on

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