August 2016

Nikon First Quarter Results. It was expected to be a brutal quarter for many reasons, and that’s exactly what April through June was for Nikon this year. Compared to the previous year, Nikon Imaging net sales were down 31% and operating income was down 30%. Article on

Canon Introduces the 5D Mark IV. Canon today introduced the latest iteration of the 5D, the Mark IV model. The big change in the camera comes at the image sensor, where the resolution is now bumped up to 30.4mp and a number of other changes have been made. Article on dslrbodies.com5D Mark IV data page16-35mm f/2.8L III USM data page24-105mm f/4L IS II USM data page.

Yes. You read that right. is now going to start covering the Canon DSLRs and lenses, starting with the 5D Mark IV and most recently introduced lenses. 

Do You Really Need to See a Photo of a Product Prior to Announcement? One of the things that’s happening these days would actually be quite amusing if it weren’t so problematic. We’ve got a number of competing “rumor” Web sites that are getting leaked proprietary information, including press release kit photos, and then trying to brand that information as their own. Article on

Brooks Closes. About 250 students are affected by the closing, and the current summer semester will be the last one; no fall semester will be offered. Essentially, Brooks Institute as we once knew it is gone forever. Article on

D3400 and 70-300mm DX Lens Announced. Nikon today announced the replacement model for their low end DSLR, the D3400. In conjunction with that they re-introduced the 18-55mm AF-P DX lenses and announced the new 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3 DX AF-P lenses. Both AF-P DX lenses are available in VR and non-VR versions. Article on D3400 data page70-300mm f/4.5-6.3 data page70-300mm f/4.5-6.3 VR data page.

The Everest Problem. Every year when I come back from my retreat, I spend a lot of time catching up on reading. Here’s an article that was published just as I was getting ready to turn everything off—When the Internet Came to Everest—but didn’t read until later. Article on

Waiting for St. Nick. While I was off in August, CIPA produced the shipment numbers for June 2016. Here’s what the first six months of each of the past five years looks like graphed (mirrorless on left, DSLR on right). Article on

Note that the new software news blog within is now fully established and active, and should be producing RRS feeds if you’ve subscribed. 

It Seems I was On the Internet Even When I was Off It. No sooner do I shut down the router thinking that I’m giving you a rest, it seems that I pop back up somewhere else on the Internet as if I’m a virtual ghost. Article

Mirrorless Market Shares. It comes up all the time, and there’s no perfect answer to the question, however I would say with pretty reasonable confidence that the market share in mirrorless in 2015 went like this… Article on

How Do You Know When Your System is Discontinued? We have three mirrorless players who seem to have gone inert: Pentax Q — Last updated August 2014, Samsung NX — Last updated February 2015, Nikon 1 — Last updated April 2015. Article on

Fujifilm Updates the X-A Model to 3. We’re now on the third iteration of Fujifilm’s low-end mirrorless camera, the just announced X-A3. Like it’s A predecessors, the X-A3 is not an X-Trans camera, but a traditional Bayer sensor. One designed along compact camera style lines (e.g. no EVF). Article on sansmirror.comData page for the X-A3Data page for the 23mm f/2 lens.

Sony introduced a new 50mm f/2.8 macro lens for FE cameras (A7 series). Data page for the lens.

Note that the new software news blog within is now fully established and active, and should be producing RRS feeds if you’ve subscribed. August updates have been added. 

The Missing Nikkors article has been updated to mid-2016 (previously last updated in 2015.

The D500 Blog added a note about the firmware 1.10 version just released (August 31). SnapBridge for iOS 1.0 has also now been posted to the Apple App Store.

Added Meike lenses to the mirrorless lens database on

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