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For almost two decades Thom Hogan has taught one or two intensive long-form photo workshops each year. In the past ten years, that's included bringing along his teaching assistant, Tony Medici. In 2024 Thom will also start teaching with Creative Photo Academy owner and instructor Mark Comon. 

Thom’s previous workshops have been in various parts of South America, Africa, and the United States. These workshops involve experiences and adventure you don't get in a hotel-based weekend workshop.

All byThom workshops feature teacher-to-student ratios of no more than 7:1 (in Africa 6:1, and often better) with as much one-on-one interaction as you are comfortable with. Lodging, food, and transportation are all first class, even when we use our mobile tent camps in Africa; we don't want logistics or practical living matters to get in the way of our photography. Thom uses award-winning tour operator Wilderness Travel to handle all the logistics for his International trips. 

I have three workshops that still have openings, all in one of my favorite and most productive wildlife places in the world: Botswana. 

  1. Intimate Okavango (August 31 to September 9, 2024) — This is a slightly shorter and more intimate workshop that will be taught by my teaching assistant, Tony Medici. It’s been designed to be a comfortable introduction to the best the area has to offer, and is great for first-time African visitors. We’ve made it just short enough so that you can also consider doing a private three-day extension to round our your Africa experience (e.g. Victoria Falls, Cape Town, and a host of other options, including additional wildlife possibilities). Thom will stop by for guest lectures, too, as he plans to be in the area working on a different project. 2 openings available
  2. 2025 Okavango (July 1 to 13, 2025) — A revised itinerary puts you out with the animals more than ever before, as we cover the water push of the delta backwards, from savannah to wetlands.  Openings available

We use smaller group sizes than we used to, so all of these workshops have highly accessible instructors who’ll give you plenty of direct, individual help. But that, coupled with the fact we get a large number of return students, also means that these trips will fill up incredibly fast. 

Here’s the 1-2-3 for you to follow if you’re interested:

  1. Click on the above link for the workshop you’re interested in and read its general description.
  2. On that workshop page, click on the link at the bottom to download the full, detailed PDF brochure. Read and consider.
  3. If you’re interested in signing up, call Lisa Laferte at Wilderness Travel (800-368-2794, or 1-510-558-2488 for International).
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