Chasing Galen

Recently I put together a two hour presentation for a small photo club on the time I spent in the 1990's under the tutelage of famous adventure photographer, the late Galen Rowell (pictured above on the Bay Area Ridge Trail in 2002). 

I'll be presenting this lecture again—this time for the general public (that's you)—on March 30th at 5pm PST at the Creative Photo Academy via an online Zoom meeting. Cost of admission is US$49. You register at Creative Photo Academy directly.

As most of you know I generally don't write much about how I got into photography or personal episodes from my past, and even my photo technique articles are a little sparse compared to all the gear talk. I'm on a plan to try to correct that, and this presentation—Chasing Galen and Learning From Him as I Did—is one of my attempts to do that (even my mom wants to hear this lecture, as she hasn't heard many of the stories I present). My goal here isn't to tick off highly specific tips and techniques and then demonstrate how you can put them into use as much as it is to serve as a piece that should get you thinking about the many things that Galen prompted me to think about. The goal here is not to tell you how to copy Galen (or me), but how to act as we do when taking photographs.

If this presentation is well received—the club loved it and said "our members website has been inundated with positive feedback" so I'm thinking it might be ;~)—I'll be doing a followup with all the stuff I had to cut out to fit into the two-hour time frame, as well as create some additional lectures that drop into things that aren't just all about gear, but more about the art and craft side of the business.

Now if I can just get my video switcher to stop converting ProPhotoRGB into Rec.709...

Oops. Original photo was reversed in scan.

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