Configuring the Sony A1 Book Now in Print Form

I try as best as I can to provide the products that my site readers want, though as a one-man band sometimes you might have to wait for your request to register ;~). 

One persistent request is that I return to providing paper books. That's simply not possible with the Complete Guides any more, unfortunately. They're far too big to be done well as paperbacks. The 800-page D3/D3s/D3x Complete Guide had binding issues and didn't stand up to any abuse in reading, at all.  Moreover, it was expensive to print. My Complete Guides now average over 1000 pages each—they are, after all, complete—which doesn't translate well to paper at all. 

However, since I started providing shorter books under the "Configuring the [camera]" name, I decided to once again try offering paper versions of new books. The Configuring the Sony A1 Camera book is now available on Amazon as a paper product, if that's what you want instead of an electronic one (you can also see a preview of the first few pages there, as well).

bythom sony book at amazon

The downloadable versions of the Configuring books will now be priced at US$19.99, while the printed ones will be at US$29.99. If you want both, you'll have to buy the downloadable from my Web site, the printed one from Amazon. I have no simple way of creating a bundle without losing money doing so. The only way I can keep these books even modestly up to date is if I don't get discounted to death in pricing. 

One thing to note: while these Configuring books look good on paper, the inside pages are in monochrome in order to keep the cost reasonable. So, the Creative Styles examples, for example, don't translate well on paper as they do in electronic form. Other than that, the printed book is the same as the downloadable one. 

Along with the Sony A1 book, I'm also making my Configuring and Using the Nikon Z fc book available this way, as well. As I produce other products that are appropriate to on-demand printing capabilities, I'll make them available this way, as well. 

I'm not sure why I have to say this, but: please note that the printed books are printed on demand. That means that Amazon does not tend to keep any in stock, and that there is usually a few day period as they put the PDF file onto their machines and create a completed book before shipping it. My own experience with that is that it runs a week to ten days from ordering before a Prime member sees the van pull up with your package. 

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