GoPro Hits 10 (Will it Go to 11?)

It's a little off-topic for my sites, but I know a lot of you also do some video work and have a need for small, reliable point-action clips, so it's worth mentioning that GoPro last week updated their product to the Hero 10.

bythom gopro 10

While not much changes cosmetically (blue logo), inside you find a lot of changes. The camera now uses a 23mp image sensor and new processor that can capture 5.6K video (up to 30 fps). 2.7K video increases to 240 fps, whole 4K can be recorded at 120 fps. These "bumps" are mostly due to the new GP2 image processor engine. GoPro isn't making specific claims about changes to the image sensor itself, but it appears that there may be some bandwidth changes, at the least.

Image stabilization is now up to Hyper Smooth 4.0 (previously 3.0), which GoPro is claiming to have gimbal-like stability. The view on the front selfie screen has now been improved to 30 fps.

As before, the GoPro streams at 1080P.

Some users are complaining about the removal of the microphone slot (a new US$80 accessory mount allows an external mic if you need it).

Overall, this seems more like a performance update than a functional update, but the performance improvements are all welcome. 

Price is US$499.

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