Hello World

Yesterday was supposedly the birthday of main(){printf("hello, world\n");}

When my site goes silent, even for a day or two, I get the inevitable "are you okay?" emails. Well, if I weren't, I probably wouldn't be able to answer an email ;~).

Yes, this site has been quiet this week. Working on two books, two upcoming online presentations, 16 product reviews, and more means that if something isn't happening requiring news or commentary, I'm going to devote my time to those things. Oh, and I've been shoveling a lot of snow lately, too ;~).

Despite this being a trade show week—CP+ in Japan, typically a big show with lots of product announcements)—the camera industry has been mostly quiet. The pandemic, supply chain issues, lack of travel capability, and more means that all the camera companies are playing things closer to the vest this year. Nikon, in particular, seems to be out of stock of a lot of key products, so personally I'd rather have them addressing that then announcing new ones that I can't obtain. 

I've posted a few new product bits over on sansmirror.com that came out of CP+ if you really need to read something I've written this week. Otherwise, enjoy the silence, shovel your snow, get an appointment for a COVID-19 immunization, or something else useful. 

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