Lexar CFExpress Card

This site’s exclusive advertiser currently has the Lexar 64GB CFexpress Type B card with card reader [advertiser link] on sale for US$99.99, a savings of 33%. B&H lists this as a “weekly special,” so the pricing is temporary, though I don’t know for sure when the deal expires.

I know many of you think that CFexpress is expensive, but we’re now starting to see spot sales like this on CFexpress cards. Just thought you’d want to know about this deal if you’re still looking for cards for your new camera.

Just a reminder about my card recommendations: D500, D5, D850, Z6 and Z7 users should probably just stick with XQD cards unless they have short-term plans to move to a camera that uses CFexpress. CFexpress in these cameras doesn’t add any performance, and sometimes actually causes small decreases in buffer performance. I’d buy XQD or CFexpress for these cameras based upon price. 

D6, Z6 II, and Z7 II users should buy CFexpress cards (and UHS II for the second slot in the Z models). These cameras do get a small performance benefit from using the latest cards. 

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