Photoshop Gets Significant Updates

Quite a few bits and pieces have changed in the latest Adobe Photoshop offerings. I tend to not cover every last update, as Adobe has been doing a lot of small bug fix and security updates lately, but Photoshop 22.3 and Camera Raw 13.2 have just enough changes to get above my "news" bar.

Photoshop itself gets a big lift on the macOS version, where Apple M1 Silicon is now supported, and a clear and obvious speed boost is the result. Adobe also did some refinement of the line and rectangle tools, which have been getting tweaks for awhile but never quite struck me as yet right. Closer, still not perfect.

Camera Raw gets a lot of changes. The one that is most talked about is the new Super Resolution version of the Enhance function. Basically doubles the resolution of your image, though I see some clear low-level color issues on raw files I'm trying to figure out how to mitigate, and like many resolution boosters you can find artifacts you might need to clean up. But Camera Raw also gets some additional Lightroom-like features, allowing you to filter images on the film strip for example. You can now also control which develop panels appear and what order they appear in.

As usual, if you're a Creative Cloud plan subscriber, the Creative Cloud installer app should be showing the updates available to you.

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