The Holiday Sales List (Updated)

Sales are going on all of this week and next, as the holiday buying season is now fully upon us. I'm not going to go into deep detail, but did want to point out what was on sale when. And, no, this won't be a mad posting of affiliate links (though many of the deals are available through this site's exclusive advertiser, B&H). 

  • Adobe — If you want the entire Creative Suite, you can get it for US$30/month on an annual contract. Students and teachers pay US$16/month. Through November 26.
  • Affinity — 30% off desktop apps, 50% off of iPad apps.
  • Atomos — US$100 off Ninja V/V+
  • B&H Black Friday deals page [advertiser link]
  • Canon — Most of Canon's holiday discounts so far are centered on selling older gear. The most notable of those, would be US$200 off for the Canon R mirrorless camera. It's a good camera, but it's UX is awkward, and Canon themselves have deprecated quite a bit of what constitutes the R. The aging RP is US$100 off. Still these are ways for Canon EF users to get into RF mirrorless at a reasonable price.
  • CaptureOne — 20% off on annual subscriptions.
  • DxO — 50% discount on Black Friday, ends November 29.
  • Laowa — Up to US$200 off a variety of wide angle lenses.
  • Nikon — Most Z System gear has a discount associated with it, with the most notable one being US$400 off the Z5, putting it at the US$1000 mark. Ends November 30 (some rebates will remain, but the big sale is over at the end of the month).
  • Olympus — Big discounts on the E-M1X and the older E-M1 bodies. The big bargain there is the US$750 off the E-M1 Mark II.
  • On1 — 25% off.
  • Peak Design — Up to 30% off, ends Cyber Monday.
  • Pergear — Discounts at their Amazon store through December 2 (may vary with country).
  • PlatyPod — Discounts on packs and bundles
  • Sigma — Many lenses are discounted, up to US$600. There's something for everyone. Note that the 18-35mm f/1.8 zoom is discounted significantly (US$120 off). Ends December 12.
  • SLR Magic — More lens discounts if you're looking for fast, manual focus lenses.
  • Smallrig — Discounts at their own site through November 28, plus a US$100 gift if you buy US$239 worth of gear. I also didn't know before that they have Flash Deals each day, much like B&H. It also appears that their discounts apply to pre-orders, for example, a Z9 cage.
  • Skylum — The price of the week is US$59 for pre-ordering Neo, or US$88 with the current Luminar (!@#*$). Through November 28th.
  • Sony — Discounts of up to US$800 on various cameras and lenses, with the most notable one being US$500 off on the A7R Mark IV. Also, the A7 Mark III is now on a US$200 discount.
  • Tamron — Many lenses have seasonal discounts, but only modest ones up to US$100 that last through January 2, 2022.
  • ThinkTank Photo — up to 40% off three most popular bags, expires November 29.
  • Topaz Labs — Full AI suite 67% off (US$199.98), Still AI suite 60% off (US$99.99), expires November 29.
  • Wandrd — Up to 60% off.
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