Thom's Bag Sale

Thom's finally getting around to doing his year end gear closet cleaning, and discovered a bunch of camera bags he's no longer using. The following items are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Send an email to me (link in footer in Copyright message) indicating your interest, and I'll reply with how to complete the order. I can send to US addresses only, unfortunately.

B1 Kata One Man Band. Pro video case. Closest to what eventually became the CB-300. Blue outer exterior (about 18x13x8"), yellow easy-to-see interior with accessory pockets and camera strap. Designed to carry and protect a full rigged out video camera with accessories. Trolley flap for travel, four exterior pockets, heavy-duty and weather resistant zippers. Shoulder strap and multiple grab handles. In like new condition. No longer have the camera it was carrying. US$100 includes shipping.

B2 — Wandrd Duo Daypack. Good size (20L) for simple mirrorless kit. Black. Weatherproof materials and zippers, dual side access with full bag open also, fits up to 16" MacBook Pro in inner sleeve. I've replaced zipper pulls with highly visible yellow ones (the black ones you can't find). Very little usage, like new. US$100 includes shipping.

B3 — ThinkTank Spectral 15. Shoulder/Messenger style bag that's a good size for a mirrorless set. Internal divided area has a zippered top as well as foldover flap. ThinkTank claims 10" tablet plus 15" laptop in two built-in areas, but it's a little tight with the MacBook Pro 15" (fits, but tight). Black. Like new, very little usage. US$79 includes shipping.

B4 — ThinkTank Airport Airstream. Wheeled compact bag with pull out handle. Holds 2 DSLRs, 3 lenses, 2 flashes; or up to a 400mm lens. Black. Laptop outer sleeve, rain cover, includes cable and lock for case, TSA lock for main case. In excellent shape. US$129 includes shipping.

B5 — ThinkTank Spectral 10. Shoulder/Messenger style bag that's a good size for a small mirrorless set. Internal divided area has a zippered top as well as foldover flap. Are for 10" tablet (no laptop area). Black. Like new, very little usage. US$59 includes shipping.

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