Time for a Rest (not really)

Believe it or not, bythom has been at it on the Interwebs for 25 years now. When I first started this site I was running editorial at Backpacker magazine and using a Nikon film camera as I traveled the world. I also had several early digital cameras I was playing with, but not using for “real” work. 

A lot has changed in that quarter of a century (though my use of Photoshop hasn’t ;~). 

As I tend to do every year, I’ll be taking a short break over the holidays, only this time it won’t be over the holidays, it'll be between them, starting today. 

During this year’s break I’m going to also be contemplating those 25 years, and what I should be doing in the coming ones. Don’t be surprised if I make some changes going forward; rest periods like this upcoming one spark my brain in ways no one can predict. I’ve been prepping and considering some changes for quite awhile, but the pandemic and other factors have kept me from acting on some of them. A little distance from the Internet for a couple of weeks might give me clarity as to whether I should pursue some of those things. 

No, bythom won’t go away. More likely, something else will appear ;~). And no, not another Web site, per se (rfsystemuser.com and fesystemuser.com anyone? ;~). And maybe something will disappear (anyone remember gearophile.com?). 

So if it seems quiet up through Christmas, that’s a good sign (I’m not going to try to post last minute holiday-buying advice or try to keep up with emergency user requests). The silence means my brain is resting and my sub-conscious is taking over the thinking. I’ve always found that to be a good thing.

I’ll see you on the other side...

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