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You asked for more of me. Be careful what you wish for. 

On March 30th (5pm PST) I'll be giving a Zoom lecture that's a big expansion of my old Chasing Galen story. I'll reflect on the eight years I traveled with Galen Rowell and some of the primary lessons he taught, using examples—both good and bad—from my collection of slides taken on those trips ;~). Yes, you read that right, film slides. 

During this pandemic I re-hooked up my Coolscan 5000 and have been going over many of the images I took during the 1994-2002 period and getting some of them into my digital database. Can't say I've found all the good ones, as there are over 15,000 slides to go through, and I can only manage a handful a day and keep up with all my other self-imposed work, game-playing, and napping ;~).

Galen Rowell photographing in the Cordillera Blanca, Peru. What's he photographing? Well, you'll have to attend the event to find out.

The Creative Photo Academy (the teaching arm of Paul's Photos) is hosting this one-time, US$49, Zoom-based event: Chasing Galen, and Learning From Him as I Did. Use that link to sign up. If somehow you end up not being able to attend live, the event will be recorded and available to you to view for a month afterwards.


Meanwhile, the pandemic has disrupted my workshop schedule for over a year now. That said, the Botswana, Africa workshops are still on my calendar, only they've been rescheduled for April 2022 (originally, they were planned for April 2020). These two workshops are already over half full, and thus there are only a handful of spots left open. If you're at all interested in them, you should download the PDF brochure and contact Lisa at Wilderness Travel to talk about signing up.

Someone misses you and wants to know when you're coming back...

I've once again added the Workshop page (and sub-pages for the individual workshops) back to the header. At the moment, these two Botswana workshops are the only ones I have planned at the moment. 

Due to all the postponements to travel that have occurred, many of the facilities I use can't tell me about availability further out yet, as they've been pushing previously booked clients into postponed dates. A word to the wise: if you're really interested in International travel in the 2022-2023 time frame, you're going to have to consider taking a risk and booking now. Once the floodgates of travel re-open, all the postponed tours are going to be sitting there eating up much of the availability, and I expect demand will exceed supply in many places. 

As outlined in the brochure, because of the non-refundable deposits now required for these workshops we strongly advise you get Trip Cancellation insurance. When you sign up with Wilderness Travel they can help you find appropriate insurance. 

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