Using an ILC as a Webcam

We pretty much now have all the camera makers providing software to allow for their interchangeable lens camera (ILC) models to be used as Webcams with applications such as Zoom.

It's not a perfect world, though, as there are still some programs that don't see the Webcam utility software supplied by the camera makers, or slight model variations in performance, or whether or not the camera can charge at the same time as serving as a Webcam, so be sure to read the notes that come with each maker's software.

Here are the links to each brand’s software to make your ILC (and a few compact cameras) into a Webcam, along with the models that are supported (grouped by type):


  • Canon EOS Webcam Utility (compatible with macOS 10.x)
  • G5X Mark II, G7X Mark III, SX70
  • 1DC
  • R, Ra, RP, R5, R6
  • M6 Mark II, M, M200
  • 1DX (II/III), TD (all models starting with Mark III), 6D (I/II), 7D (I/II), 90D, 80D, 70D, 60D, most Kiss/Rebels


  • Fujifilm X Webcam (compatible with macOS 10.x)
  • X100V
  • X-E4, X-S10, X-T30, X-T2 through X-T4, X-Pro2/3, X-H1
  • GFX50R, GFX50S, GFX100, GFX100S


  • Webcam Utility (compatible with macOS 10.x, 11.x, M1 processors)
  • Z50, Z5, Z6, Z6 II, Z7, Z7 II
  • D5, D6, D500, D750, D780, D810, D850, D3500, D5300/5500/5600, D7200, D7500


  • OM-D Webcam (Chrome only, not Safari)
  • E-M1 (I, II, II), E-M1X, E-M5 (II)



  • fp and fp-L directly supported


  • Imaging Edge Webcam (compatible with macOS 10.x)
  • HX95, HX99, WX700. WX800
  • RX0. RX1, RX10, all models, RX100 (from Mark IV), ZV-1
  • A99 II, A77 II, A68
  • A5100, A6100 through A6600, A7 (II/III), A7R (II-IV), A7S (all), A7C, A9 (all), A1

Since I can't possible test all of these models with all software and on all operating systems, if any of you have specific experience you think should be added to this, send me an email.

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