You Asked for It

Here's something you thought I'd never get around to doing: an assessment of eight current tripods

Now obviously I can't test every possible set of legs out there, because if you type "tripod" in a B&H search, you'll get 1193 possibilities. 

Thus, I had to try to pick a representative subset of all tripods while setting some parameters. I set a maximum price of US$600 and tried to pick a sample of carbon fiber-based products from different makers that ranged from smallest travel tripod up through largest field tripod I'd consider for travel. For the latter, I'm thinking of the person who goes into the field with a big lens and maybe a gimbal head. For the former, I'm thinking of someone who is focused on minimum size and weight with a small mirrorless camera.

That resulted in this set of candidates:


Again, here's the article: Tripods Today. Read and enjoy. (Warning, you'll be reading for a long time...)

A big thank you to B&H (this site's exclusive advertiser) for lending me so many products for such a long period of time. 

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