byThom 2022 Wrap Up

As we finish up 2022 I find that I have four new books, one significant book update, four three camera reviews, and twelve ten lens reviews all in progress and unfinished. I also have three upcoming workshops that need to be posted, two major online presentations I’m trying to finish on topics you don’t generally see tackled, plus five major trips of my own in 2023 that I still need to wrap up some details on. At some point in the coming year I’m going to need to rewrite Web site code, because one of the tools I use is no longer supported by a “current” OS. I still need to finish remodeling the studio/office, jettison a bunch of unused gear as I do so, and get into a regular rhythm with online presentations. Then there’s twelve months of new articles, commentary, and reviews to create, much of things that haven’t even been announced yet. 

So much for retirement.

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