DSLR versus Mirrorless Overall

One great thing about working with so many workshop students in a short period is being able to see a wide range of bodies and lenses used on the same subjects in the same conditions. In Botswana I had 18 students, no two of which who were using exactly the same body/lens combinations. 

My conclusion: whether they used a D500, D850, Z7 II or Z9 wasn't a particularly good indicator of which image was best. Ditto with F-mount versus Z-mount lenses. I saw excellent images from pretty much every combination being used. Heck, we had one "tag along" spouse using a Z50 for the first time who caught some excellent images pretty much everyone on the trip would have been satisfied with.

As much as we all obsess with owning the latest and greatest and with the most megapixels, in the end photography really does come down to "being there." To which I'd add my "don't photograph nouns" commentary. Photographs are about what you see and feel, and how you want to communicate that to others, not what some mechanical device does. 

Nothing you buy at B&H (or your local dealer) makes your photography automatically better. I'd argue that buying some new often makes your photography worse until you figure out how to master it, which in these days of 700-plus settable options, might take awhile. 

The good news is that you might not be able to get that "latest and greatest" camera or lens right now due to supply chain and production issues. Wait. How's that good news? Simple: you have more time to master what you've got while paying attention to your photographs, not your gear. 

So, DSLR users, relax: your cameras still take fine photographs. Mirrorless users, you don't need to keep chasing the fastest model: your current version still takes fine photographs. 

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