Mirrorless Week

Update: okay, I didn't get everything posted during the week I expected to. Don't fear, those things will roll out just as soon as I've made a last pass edit on them.

There probably won't be any additional posts on byThom this week (other than the connectivity article), as much of what I've been writing is going onto zsystemuser.com or sansmirror.com. So be sure to look at the dated Recent Articles on dslrbodies, sanmirror and zsystemuser listing on the front page of bythom.com.

Lots of mirrorless reviews are in progress (cameras and lenses) and getting posted as I finish them, plus I'm doing a full page-by-page pass this month on the zsystemuser.com site trying to get it more cleanly organized, more accurate, more complete, and more up-to-date with the Z System it covers (that's thousands of pages, folks). As the summer progresses, I'll be doing the same work on each of my other sites, as well. 

Don't worry. Twelve articles are in progress for the bythom site itself. You're just not going to see them this week (or maybe even next).

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