Post Labor Day Labor

Years ago I used to write the following: "the Japanese companies don't seem to understand that the Europeans won't see product announcements made in August due to their vacation pattern, and folks in the US also don't get back to the grindstone until after Labor Day." (Labor Day is in the first week of September for all you foreigners not keeping up with US holidays.) 

I've advocated, over and over, that companies should make their product launches post Labor Day because of those two things. 

For the most part, such advice was largely ignored by the camera companies for decades.

This year, it appears that part shortages, pandemic-delayed schedules, and a host of other factors have conspired so that we have a log jam of announcements that started pouring out this week; post Labor Day. Not only will those launches get more press than July/August releases, they'll get more eyeballs seeing them. So congrats to the Japanese marketing teams for randomly getting it right for a change ;~).

Of course, doing launches on the same day as Apple's big yearly event means that a few camera and lens launches were competing with iPhone camera announcements of significance and loudly shouted out of the room. May the best competitor win. 

All this to say that my sites will be busy for the next couple of weeks catching up with all the announcements you may have already heard about, and a few you haven't. I'm a one man band, so it'll take me a bit to strap on all the instruments and start making the full amount of noise, uh music, that's expected. This site, in particular, might not be updating as often as I begin putting the new material on (and probably, as I'm expecting at least lens announcements on the Nikon side soon). 

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