Summer Site Updates

Many of my site readers take long vacations during the summer months, and then they come back looking for new articles when they return, and don't always find everything (because the front page dated articles have scrolled off the page). 

To help all those summer hibernators, this year I decided to collect a list of all the articles I posted on my other sites during the traditional US summer holiday season—Independence Day (July 4) though Labor Day (Sept 5)—and put the links on one page, just so you could go back and catch anything you might have missed. Please note, however, that sometimes I do small updates on an existing non-news page, and they're not in the following links. For example, new Z9-capable third party batteries have appeared, so I added them to the Z9 Battery Accessory page. So it always pays to do a quick browse of pages that are of interest to you outside the News/Views section.

Here are this summer's articles (newest to oldest):

Beyond all the above writing I also updated many of the evergreen articles on my Web sites to bring them up to date, wrote another book, updated four other books, and started or continued work on three more. Plus, about six lens reviews were mostly written, needing only some final checks and formatting. So: a typical summer for Thom.

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