Thank You

One of the joys of having a 25+ year old Web site is that over the years I've picked up a large and loyal following who don't let me make mistakes ;~). 

This week I've attempted to build out a full chart of the available autofocus lens options for all mirrorless camera mounts (see, full frame (FX) and APS-C (DX). That's an enormous undertaking, as the huge list of options keeps changing and its really easy to miss something. In yesterday's prime lens post, for instance, there were less than a dozen errors initially, and your emails helped me find and correct them (that article on primes has been updated today, and we start the whole process again with zooms ;~). I'm sure that over the course of the next week we'll discover another lens or two that needs fixing or adding the charts. 

As many of you know, I'm prolific. I generate something over 5000 (book-sized) pages of new information a year, and keep well over 50,000 pages as up to date as I can. And yet I'm a one-man band, and have other things I have to do besides write and edit. 

Fortunately, readers of my sites and books are generous with their time and quick to point out mistakes and unclear information. Rather than hide under a lead blanket and ignore those, I just fire up the keyboard and start fixing or clarifying what I've written. Every summer I try to make a complete pass on all my Web sites (almost finished for this year), updating and correcting anything I find being out of date or inaccurate. Every day I receive an email or two about something I got wrong (or arguments about grammar ;~), and I address those, as well. 

So thank you for reading. For reading carefully and critically. And for providing corrections when something goes haywire between my brain and fingers. Please don't stop doing that. It's one of the things that makes me a better writer every day, and a better writer means better and more useful information in the long run. I credit my readers as being as much a part of the success of this Web site as I am. 

And with that said, time to get back to generating new content...

Update: the two tables I presented on for mirrorless autofocus lenses have now been fully updated with all the crowd-sourced corrections I received. Thanks for all the input. 

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