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Yes, I know I've been quiet about workshops and other events for quite some time. Then again, I haven't even completed all my 2019 commitments yet! 

Getting locked-down time commitments and firm prices for new workshops has been as difficult as getting semiconductors for a new camera, it seems. Because so many travel locations I use completely closed down in 2019 and 2020 (and a few continued that into 2021), a ton of reservations that had prepaid deposits got postponed into the future while the pandemic took its toll. Fortunately, it was just a matter of time before those postponements got honored, schedules started to clear, and working out future trip logistics got back to a more normal level. 

Thus, today I can announce that I have one new workshop coming up in April 2023 that you can sign up for. I'll be repeating the unique timing in the Okavango we experimented with earlier this year, as it turned out to have opportunities you don't generally get in the usual tourist season schedule (July to September in Botswana). Like that blue sky behind the eagle, above, or the green behind the lion, below. As you might be able to tell, we get close, we find great subjects, and we have a 12-year track record in Botswana of doing that. 

This new 2023 workshop has only 9 spaces available for students, so it will likely fill quickly. Two full time photo instructors, three local driver/guides, and a camp crew of a dozen will accompany those that take this trip. Think of it as Land Cruising for Cats, Glamping for Giraffes, or maybe Extravagance around Elephants. A longer description and a pointer to the full brochure is on this page. Sold out, but still taking wait list participants.

I'm in the midst of working out 2024 and 2025 workshops, as well. I'll be running a repeat of my Kalahari Desert workshop in 2024, which turned out to be even better than I had hoped when we ran it for the first time earlier this year. I'll also have a new shorter, lower cost Intro to Okavango option, as well. 2025 will have to remain a secret for the moment, as I negotiate new options.

Meanwhile, I have two big presentations I'm working on for you to look forward to, and on topics you don't usually see covered by others. More details on those will be forthcoming as soon as I have dates.

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