The September Africa Blog is Back (Day 9)

bythom INT BOTS TuliBlock 9-23 Z81 64402

Some of you probably remember that the blog for my September 2023 workshop was cut short just after I started posting it in November. That's because Tony Medici, who was writing and providing most of the images for it, had a medical emergency that required hospitalization, and I didn't want to cut in and finish it myself. 

The good news is that Tony is now recovered and has gotten caught back up to all the things that he had in progress, so I've restarted the blog (now complete, with bonuses!). I should be revealing a new day every weekday until we reach the end of the trip.

Tony and I are tag-teaming the September workshop that's scheduled for this year. I'll be there to teach at the beginning and end, with Tony handling the main portion of the trip. We still have a couple of openings for this Okavango workshop, and it's still priced at 2021 prices. Besides the obvious mammals, we expect this September's trip to be another birder's delight. If you're interested in this upcoming workshop, please see this page.

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