Yes, I'm Back From My Internet Fasting

bythom INT BOTS Okavango April24 Z91 96598

I'll have much more to say soon about my month in Africa, including a Zoom seminar with Mark Comon of Creative Photo Academy. So stay tuned.

But in case you hadn't noticed, I took a bit more than a month off from the Internet. Mostly because I was teaching two 10-day photography workshops in Botswana during that period, but also because I prefer to step away from the Web fire hose once in awhile so as to dry out a bit. 

At those two workshops there were a total of 34 (!) Nikon Z8 or Z9 bodies being bounced around on some of the toughest "roads" on the planet. I personally put in 2500km (1500 miles) bouncing around on sand, plus quite a bit of additional distance on boats and small planes. I was close enough to pet wild lions, had an African Wild Cat decide to come be my tent mate, and managed to see pretty much all of Botswana's zebras on migration simultaneously (many thousands). Heck, very much unlike me, things were so good photographically I took over a terabyte of images during my time off, including with two new products I was testing. 

No, I'm not rested ;~). I'll need a few days of extra sleep for that.

But I am rested from writing and the Internet, so my brain is clear and my fingers poised. So expect me to start adding my contribution to the fire hose soon.

If you're interested in coming on an African safari with other Z8s and Z9s, there's a space available at this year's September workshop, a couple of spaces still available for the July 2025 workshop, plus I'll have the two 2026 workshops posted soon (sign up here for the workshop mailing list).

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